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Good morning guys

Lets follow with the analysis

Thanks that we drew that trend line yesterday! (Green one)

Price has being going towards that direction but has not broke it yet

Screenshot (290).png

This is what I see

Price will break it down

Screenshot (291).png

it's goin to be trading at 11160 Zone

then it will contunue the original move

(This is pure expeculation) I don't see any pattern to prove that. I count with the 12H chart ichimoku and my intuition thats all

This the 1D.

Screenshot (292).png

I don't like where it's

12H, actually breaking down the trend line would be a very bearish scenario, So I can't guarantee nothing I just want to see the new pattern, pum trade it. Thats how I do it

Screenshot (293).png

Lets keep an eye on this H&S and see what happens

Screenshot (288).png

Screenshot (289).png

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