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RE: LEO and PAL Tribe updates from a trader's perspective- LEO FOMO continues and PAL in downward spiral without whale's support

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Thanks for the report. A calculated risk to take from weak hands into a staked position. My experience with lending club and prosper loans has helped to develop patience for long-term investments. Some of those loans took 3 and 5 years to pay back. I'm ready to be in this project for the long haul.

While wall street people including my dad love those sweet sweet 5% gains when they can get them, I'm confident in getting 1x-12x over some years while also proactively curating and shilling with my LEO brothers-n'-arms and sisters

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I sure saw your buys last night. lol
You might have to keep using that system to be able to buy.

Thanks for a great ride. As a Steem investor who has bought Steem at 85 cents and saw it peaked at $8.5, 10X growth is always in the horizon. From my experience, bull runs are short but bear runs are longer in cryptos that is quite opposite to the stocks. Therefore, LEO will be winding down to 0.12 or 0.1 slowly, then sucking up all the sell orders up to 0.25 would be delicious unless we are not at the beginning the big bull run.