Publishing and testing Publish0x for some days and got rewarded!

Good evening people!!

Did you know Publish0x, i guess you already heard about from @trumpman and his post , it's a very interesting site that pays you for reading! Yeah they pay you for read, by giving you a fixed amount of votes (6 daily) with random coins (mostly BAT) to reward the author and ofc your self!!

Someone can say that is a scam or something, but it's not and they doing pretty good job on their site. I'm already withdraw ~ 10 BAT on my Coinbase account to confirm that the site pays and got my BAT this Monday.


Well it's not much i know that, but i didn't put any serious effort to make them i simply used my available votes there and posted some content that i have already publish here.
Since the voting system is fixed which means there isn't any reason to spam, the majority of the published posts have quality and it's very impressive.

If you want to join Publish0x as a side blogging site you can click on the following link :


I withdrew some as well to test how it works. They say as of Monday i will have my BAT. I don't understand though why I had to give them an ETH address for that. I would have expected a BAT one but it was clear written: BAT.

If I'm right BAT was on Ethereum Blockchain (iy may still is) so it's normal.
I withdrew my BAT on coinbase and the BAT address was an Ethereum address.

Interesting. I'm trying with an Enjin wallet. Lets see how it works. I like Publish0x so far but it needs some more work on it. We don't have a message section and the interaction is pretty poor over there.