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RE: Trading Journal Day 5

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How are you shorting on Robinhood? Are you trading options? I felt a couple times like shorting certain stocks, but I recognized my own insecurities as I looked at the options... which seemed like not shorting, but something similar, but different.


I was just about to ask the same question. Thanks for asking for me.

I was just about
To ask the same question. Thanks
For asking for me.

                 - rishi556

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

You can short on Robinhood if you have a qualifying margin account. My shorts are actually at a different broker.

I have used options at times, but I find that they tend to behave weirdly with this strategy. I think they would work if I picked out the right spot on the options chain but I want to do a rigorous analysis before I try them again.

Edit: correction; i guess you can't short on Robinhood without using options. I thought you could with Robinhood gold, but like I said my shorts are elsewhere.

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