Challenge - start making money with 0 funds - 14

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as the COVID19 restrictions are slowing lifting off and we learned how to live with it, by taking the common sense measures like distance and washing thoroughly everything.

I will restart my challenge where I left it so that I don't need to re-hustle from 0. I did only a forced brake for my own safety.

The target to have 300 € by end of March is gone obviously due to the lock down.

Also there are no flea markets available for flipping. When they open, I will definitely hit them to find some valuable goods which can be sold online.

My target remains the same, to have money to buy a small van to be able to flip bigger stuff. With the crisis I think that in autumn the prices will drop massively on the second-hand cars.

We see it now in the states where the market will be crushed by the bankruptcy of Hertz.

Will start buying some better goods now for flipping. Free stuff has a lower margin and takes more time till I get rid off. So it takes space that can be used more wisely or for higher margin flips.

Will let you know next week on the progress!

Do you have a side hustle?

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