How to get interests on crypto currencies with little risk

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When you own crypto currencies and would like to „park“ them in a place where they can generate some income, you will be confronted with a market situation that is quite challenging.

There are plenty of websites that promise interests on your coins but unfortunately a big majority of these sites are either ponzi schemes or scams. If you invest in these websites you will probably loose your investment.

I've been searching ways to invest my coins and get a revenue from it. For me the most important aspect before I invested was to make sure that my coins where actually enabling the website to generate profit. It the website doesn't generate profit, how can it pay me interests in the long term?

The only real serious offer I found is Bitfinex

Contrary to most other websites bitfinex doesn't promise you any fixed interests and it is not bitfinex that pays you the interests. Bitfinex is a crypto currency exchange that also offers margin trading. The people who use these margin trading can „borrow“ your coins to leverage their investment. For that they will pay you a daily interest that is fixed by a market.

Bitfinex protects your coins by automatically selling positions that are at risk. It is therefore impossible to loose your coins. If the person who „borrows“ your coins looses his bet, bitfinex will dissolve his position and give you your money back before it can be lost.

Your funds help other people to leverage their trading and they are willing to pay you for it. Bitfinex protects your funds and you can only win.

How does it work?

On bitfinex you have 3 different wallets. An exchange wallet for trading. A margin wallet for margin trading and a funding wallet. You will have to transfer your coins to your funding wallet.

For each coin there is a market. You can choose how long you want to lend your coins from 2 to 30 days. You will also see that interest rates can fluctuate quite strongly from one currency to the others. As with any market, you can put your order and once it is executed, your coins will be at the disposal of the the margin trader. You will get a daily interest payment.

source: bitfinex, market situation

When your counterpart looses his bets, it's possible that bitfinex liquidates his position and you might need to put your coins back on the market. It is therefore advisable to check your account regularly.

How much can you earn?

The interest rates that you can expect are fluctuating very much according to the market but also according to the coins that you hold. I got interests varying from 0.0001% to 0.06% per day. Taking into account that you get your interests paid every day, you can also earn compound interests.

source: bitfinex, daily interest payments

My experience with Bitfinex

I had invested about 0.03 Btc on bitfinex some time ago and I first traded a bit and then stopped it altogether. At the time, about 15 months ago, I had 0.018 Btc and 131 USD. Since then I let my lent my money to margin traders. Today I have 0.01988786 Btc and 141.98 USD. I think this is quite a nice ROI.

Exchanges are not without danger

Bitfinex is an exchange and it is not advisable to have all your coins on exchanges. The past has proven that crypto exchanges can be hacked. So don't put all your coins in the same place!

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Greetings my friend, it's good to read you again.

Sounds like a good betting option. It would be a matter of studying and reviewing a little more on the subject. Of course, the one who has possibilities.

Hi @yonnathang,
Thanks a lot for your comment. I've been very busy lately and finally found some time to write on steem ;-). It's actually quite an interesting way to use your coins when, like me, you don't have the time and the energy to trade.

Best regards,

Yeah. I thought about you a few days ago. How are things going, did you fix things?

It is true that we are in that constant search for an option for our currencies to generate constant income.

How are things going, did you fix things?

I had to allocate more time to my work and my family. I got some serious complaints on both sides ;-)

I'm sure you do. I think that happens with everyone, I get the same complaints from my family haha!

We give ourselves too much to the platform and sometimes we don't measure all the time we invest here.

It is interesting that you have made a nice profit there.

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Hi @chesatochi,
Thank you for your comment. It's not bad I believe ;-)

Greetings @achim03 very interesting what you say, I had time already seeing about something like this for a long time for a future God by being able to make some minuscule investment of that style.

Thank you for the data hopefully from here to get to settle certain accounts and have as for that bitfinex is still active.

Thanks again for the information, happy day, evening or night✌️

Thanks a lot for your comment!

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how are you doing,

It is a pleasure to visit your blog, this article reminds me that it will always be a good option to bet on a new cryptocurrency!
Because we know that behind it there is a team that works to bring improvements to the BlockChain, which guarantees the endurance of decentralization and the development of free governance platforms ...

I have enjoyed reading and you have my full support!

See you later!