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The cheap and cheerful dish I am sharing with you today is a family favourite that my aunt made many moons ago, a hearty and comforting Sausage Pot or Potjie, perfect for feeding a large crowd.


Here in South Africa we not only enjoy a BBQ or a Braai as we call it, but we also love making a Potjie (direct translation - small pot), also referred to as Potjie-kos (small pot of food).
However, the pots are not small - they are large heavy cast iron pots traditionally filled to the brim with meat and vegetables or just vegetables for vegans and cooked outside on the Braai fire.

My son made this delicious and hearty Lamb knuckle Potjie but unfortunately I only took a photo once it was brought inside for serving - these pots are heavy! We would normally sit and eat around the fire, a real cosy affair but it was a tad chilly that evening!
In our country we love cooking on the Braai but that requires meat, meat and more meat, quite costly, so our Braais are always a bring and share affair. But come the week before pay day, or Survival week as a friend calls it, a Potjie would be the way to go as one only needs a little meat and loads of fresh vegetables, which really are cheap, and this meal certainly makes everyone cheerful, may just be the wine or beer that's often added for the stewing process ;)

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I was so excited to hear that the Steemkitchen Contest is back with a bang thanks to a generous sponsorship from @adsactly, so check out their Contest - Local Cheap & Cheerful, where you not only stand a chance to 10 steem, but also the post rewards and get to meet some fabulous foodies from all over the world.
I have prepared a Sausage Pot on my stove top for all of you, this really was cheap - cost for the meal which made 4-5 generous servings came to ZAR107 ($7,34/ 9,13 Steem) - or ZAR26,75 ($1,84/ 2,28 steem) per serving, really cheap and perfect for Survival Week.

Now if you grow your own vegetables, cost will come down even more. If you live in an apartment with a balcony, try growing a few herbs and veggies in containers, this will be so rewarding!

On the day I went to buy my ingredients, the cashier asked if I wanted to use my loyalty points, so this meal in fact cost me ZERO ZAR. So guys and dolls, make use of loyalty programs with your favourite stores and see just how much you can save.

Another bonus was the discount offered if one bought two packs of baby vegetables, so I got ZAR10 off for those two items.

But enough of my rambling on, let's get started with the recipe.

Servings : 4-5
Preparation Time : 20 Min
Cooking time : 35-40 minutes


  • 2 small Red Onions, sliced
  • 400 gram Beef Chippolatas
  • 300 gram Baby Carrots
  • 250 gram Mushrooms
  • 125 gram Baby Corn
  • 300 gram Baby Potatoes, halved
  • fresh Rosemary
  • Spring Onions, diced - from my garden
  • Mung bean & Lentil Sprouts - from my window sill garden
  • 1 packet Hearty Beef Soup Powder
  • 1 cup uncooked long grain Rice



1. Brown Onions in a little oil, add Sausages and brown


2. Push potatoes underneath sausages on base of pot, add about 1 cup hot water (can add 1/2 cup red wine) and cook for about 15 minutes


3. Add carrots, baby corn and mushrooms and cook for a further 10 minutes, check potatoes are done



4. Thicken with soup powder and cook a further 5 minutes, add spring onions



5. Cook rice and pile Sausage Pot on top




6. Garnish with Sprouts and enjoy


A quick look at the process:

Hope to see your Cheap and Cheerful recipe post here.

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Thank you so much @thesteemengine!

Ah! The good old potjie. What a wonder work and every saffer that I know has their own secret mutis for their potjies! Blessings!

For sure, no wonder there's so many potjiekos competitions in our country :)
Thank you & blessings to you as well, hope the house hunting is going well!

Sadly not too well my dear as we are operating on a small budget, but miracles do happen! Blessings!

Thank you very much for your entry in the Contest.... This looks real yummy

Thank you so much for the contest :)

Ahhh, that looks great :)

I have my own twist on a cheap, quick easy boerewors pot. Gg

Thank you @therneau, please share it with us, getting warmer now so we can do some more outdoor cooking hey ;)

Nothing better than a hearty, healthy and cheap meal. It ticks all the good boxes! You are clearly a very resourceful cook :) I bet your diners were super happy with their meal. Great work @lizelle :)

Oh it was delicious @gardeningchef, thank you for your lovely comments :)

Oh, Lizelle! That looks so good!

I have a black bean/sausage stew recipe that was one of my mother's favorites and also a rare dish she never made. This reminds me of that bean stew but you have way more veggies...

Black bean stew sounds like a great meal, thank you for your lovely comments @bigtom13 :)

LOoks like a great hearty meal, I know I would love it

Wow, love the idea that you spend totally nothing for this tasty recipe. Growing & harvesting our own foods is truly fun and rewarding ❤️

It really is, thank you for your lovely feedback @joyrobinson :)

this looks wonderful and filling

Love your photos too!!

Ah thank you so very much @snook, appreciate your support :)

Hearty, hot pot cooking love the mixture you used, fresh always makes the best potjie pot.

Loving this cold spell and eating loads of veggies with a little meat in between. What I love about potjie cooking is you really can fit it into the size of the purse any time of month, going fancy with selection or a good staple diet.

For sure @joanstewart, love them potjies!
We were in the berg and was it cold! Arrived in a heat wave and ended up stoking the fireplace the latter part of the week, was lovely!

Sounds like fun, love being up in the berg with a fire up and running, very relaxing. Been up there in all the winter months and had heat, more often than not miss snow in September by a week either way. Snow on top of the mountains, never on the ground... sound like snow chasers!

mmmmmm, this looks delicious. I love those kinds of meals when you drop everything in one pot and let flavors mix. I am sure this was really tasty 💚

One pot meals are the best @zen-art with all the flavours mingling and bonus of only one pot to be the rice pot ;)
Thanks for your support!

This looks delicious!! There is some of everything in there! Looks healthy!
Ilove the idea of cooking it outside on a campfire. I have a large cast iron pot like that, I may have to try this!

You really should try it especially in the summer months, the food tastes better when cooked over the fire!
Thank you for your support :)

Thank you Lizelle. You just made me remember the beautiful braai nights on the fire with my SA bru Swannie... I miss them a lot actually...

Ah thank you @mondoshawan, those always are such great get togethers hey ;)

Big time @lizelle, coming together for an aperitif, and then welcoming the next morning with finishing all is to drink and eat... 😊😊😊 always something you'll remember for a long time...
Have a nice weekend my friend. D

My my @lizelle, this looks like major comfort food. What a beautiful local favorite. I love hearing your recipes which are popular in your area, wonderful. Good luck my friend!

Thank you so much for your lovely feedback @birdsinparadise :)