Party Time with @steemjetnewbies(Happy Hour): Week 2/4:Day 10/30

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This is my participation to attend the party steemjetnewbies.

With a new purple code.

And this is one hobby, which makes me happy.

Doc.private photo

The happiest for me is when on a motorcycle. I really like it.

Drive it full of challenges.
Very many beautiful memories, when on a motorcycle. Unforgettable until now.

I have never been traumatized, despite repeated accidents. Because I never can slowly drive it.

Motorized is a big challenge.
Where are we required must we really focus, because if not, we will lie in the street.

Doc.private photo

I really miss that moment...
Down the road with a motorbike, can enjoy the breeze also view along the way.

Thank you @steemjetnewbies
have you held this party.


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