Party Time With @steemjetnewbies 1/4:day"Red Rose for @steemjet and @steemjetnewbies

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Hi.. steemians...

Hallo @steemjetnewbies..
This is my participation. to participate in celebrating the party that you are holding.


"Red Rose for @steemjet and @steemjetnewbies

Sorry if the Red Rose isn't good.
The philosophy of Roses is true love.

Usually used for expressing affection for someone.
Also can express affection to parents, family, friend, who is considered a special person or someone who means.


I give it to you...
because it has inspired me a lot , through contests that you hold, until I no longer feel bored .
I am very happy to follow him.

With creativity makes me excited.

creativity can not only eliminate boredom, but also can sharpen imagination.
I love creativity


Even if it's sick now, I am still exited to make something for you.



thank you for making me excited.




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Cantik, gambarnya Mba,.😉

ga punya buku gambar mba.. ngelukisnya d kardus agak susah

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Asik ada temennya.

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Emang kenapa teh 😀😀

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Yang ikutan Challenge ini ga ada yang aku kenal dari hari pertama. Hihihi....

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saya sering teh ikut contes orang indo nya saya sendiri, gak pa pa ko? tenang ja 😊😊