Funding the SteemCrooners (a music band in the steemJET community)

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Good evening to all in the community and to @dimimp. We are happy to inform you all today that the SteemCrooners have been approved and that all our members have been inducted into the space force by @dimimp. It is a great travel that we are embarking on as we try to to achieve the goal of steemjet. The SteemCrooners as part of this community are loaded with the same purpose and aspiration as you all are and I promise on behalf of us in this team that we have the palm of all our right hands on our chest as we take up the mantle of responsibility.

It is in this light that we are making a proposal to @dimimp to help us in funding our ideas so that work can start immediately.

We are proposing for an amount of 1500 steems for funding. The break down is as follows.

Guitars — 60 steems × 3
Keyboard — 100 steems × 1
Camera tripod stand — 35 steems × 2
Video Camera — 300 steems × 1
Laptop video editing — 350 steems × 1
Recording gear for production - 400 steems × 1

The remaining 100 steems would be kept down for eventualities and part of it would be used to get a router for a fast internet service here.

This proposal was submitted to the CEO @uche-nna for reviewing.

On the wings of superstar, we are words and steem.


Singer in the SteemCrooners.


you got it!

Thanks a lot for your support and approval kind sir!!!

 - Jude royal

We the steemcrooners have taken it as a point of duty to make the steemjet community a success through music. We are passionate about making an impact through music and we seek your support @dimimp to make it a reality. If our proposal is warmly received, it would make our mission easier to accomplish with the positive support of the general steemjet community.

This is our proposal @dimimp,this is to enable us function effectively as a succesful steemjet band!.

a New York Times Best Selling Author once said

Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from others and makes him the successful one is a lot of hard work *(in this case:- funding and passion and dedication)*

We hope to be a succesful band,also so that we would have alot of terrific news to fill in when the time for sf members to submit reports comes.


     -jude royal
 A SteemCrooners songwriter/lyricist

We, steemcrooners are confident that we can make the steemjet community better and bigger with music. We humbly request your support @dimimp to make our vision possible.

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