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@derovict is the first prize winner (10SBD)

@dromz is the second price winner (6SBD)

@usorong is the third price winner(4SBD)

Congratulations to the three winners, you all did well. You all submitted a beautiful, clean and real street photographs

To everyone that joined the contest with an original entry, congratulations you also did very well, every valid entry did get an upvote.

Stay tuned for more contests that are coming up.

Read up this post to the bottom in order know more about steemjet



Steemjet contest
Fund raising topology for the next month contest
August summer holiday contest meant to encourage steemians to promote steem

Fund 106

Fund 107

Fund 108

While this may be for a good cause it is still comment farming. Try commenting on current posts with a relative comment or asking for support for your project.

Thank you.

Alright thank you very much for putting that up. I think the fund raising topology will end here. We will try to convince the top delegates in our community to support the august contest that will be coming up soon.

Try commenting on current posts with a relative comment or asking for support for your project.

Thanks for the fundraising suggestion

Fund 109

Fund 110

Fund 101

Fund 102

Fund 104

Fund 103

Fund 105

Congratulations to the winners. Enjoy the the prizes you all won through the prices you guys paid.

OH wow, finally we have the winners, congratulations to all the winner, it's your hard Work that made you win this contest.
My prayers are with you all.

All the photographs have a high quality and level, really that the podium was very close. Each image has its own style and personality, within a city. Congratulations to all the winners and participants, the SteemJet competitions are the best!

Congratulations to all the winners, their photos are of high level, really very well achieved and with an unbeatable quality ... I will be attentive to the new contests, I am very encouraged to have participated in this.

Congratulations to the winners

Thank you for picking me as the second place :)

Worthy of prices indeed.Congratulations dear winners

Wow.. seeing my photo appear first gets me elated. Never saw my entry taking first place but, it came through.

Thanks to @steemjetcontests for organizing wonderful contests on this platform. Indeed, the superstardom in every Steemjetter is bound to be fully unleashed with the current force on ground.

I see every contestant as a winner, and so, congratulate everyone who showcased the beauty hidden in street photography.

@steemjet to the moon.

Congrats to the winners.

Congratulation to the winners

congratulation to all winners..

Congratulations to the winners I participated in the contest but looking at these entries surely they deserved the win hope to win the contest next time.

Wow! Words can't express my emotions. I knew I will win a contest one day, but it was just a matter of time. Guess what, this contest was the expected time. Yeah! I made it.😂😂😂😂
Shout out to steemjet, the judges, and everyone who participated. Tomorrow may be your day who knows....

Oh i missed it :( When you are announcing new contest? well congrats to the winners.

Nice work
Though I missed the contest.
All entries were all beautiful and attractive.
Congratulations to the guys that made the winning list,your efforts worth it.

Accolades to the Judges for the great work done in making these selections, you're impartial, a true Judge.

Congratulations Guys!