Steemjet Radio Show Is Live

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Updates From Voice/Audio Department
Art by @mbj

We now have a channel on steemjet discord channel called steemjet radio. The audio department will now anchor two sessions weekly specifically Wednesdays and Saturdays. These sessions will be solely to drive us towards the goal of steemjet which is global steem adoption. Wednesdays will be for cryptocurrency and financial talks while Saturdays will be for community engagement.

Wednesdays: Cryptocurrency and Financial talks
Saturdays: Community Engagement

Time: 5 - 7pm GMT

Community and Financial talks help us educate steemjetters on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and steem.

Community engagement creates an avenue for the various steemjet departments to interact with the community, educating them on relevant topics with respect to their department and also keeping the community up to date on ongoing projects.

We are kickstarting on Saturday 2nd June 2018.
Art By @kilatunzii

Saturday 2nd June 2018
Topic: Welcome aboard steemjet
Activities : Familiarity session where we get to know each and everyone in the community
Anchor: kristenantai
Co-anchor: Mathemandy

Wednesday 6th June 2018
What is steemjet?
Vision and mission of steemjet
Why do we have steemjet contests
Steemjet Roadmap
Resource Persons: mbj, lordjames, deandaniel
Anchor: profchydon
Co-anchor: vheobong

100 Steem have been approved for the audio department to use in rewarding active participants. Let's go party.

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Wow, this is great news, kudos to the audio and art department, our vision would surely be achieved.

M a proud steemjetter!

Wow I cant wait to participate. Would love to hear the voices of steemjet members. And thanks for putting my artwork up there pilot @lordjames

This is a great move, @dimimp, you have done a great job Sir, your work can't be overestimated. I really want to be a part of this project, I hope that chance comes some day. Let's go promote @steemjet

Awww great news!

Have a look at these reports sir @steemjet, if you found some mistakes, Do inform me :)

Steemjet-Talent-Hut-Report-1, 28-5-2018

Steemjet-Talent-Hut-Report-2, 30-5-2018

I just checked the channel out. It sounds cool and I'm feeling the steem vibes already.

Let's party hard! We are superstars!

steemjet is surely flying
alot of improvement is quite visible
i will try my best to join as well

ah good news, and great work by steemjet radio voice department, Correct the mention date from 4th june to 6th june to avoid misunderstanding thanks @lordjames and @steemjet


Thank you for that.


We embarked on a children’s awareness project. Please make out time to check it out


you welcome and pleasure is mine

Waow!Steemjet live radio show it's amazing
great work @steemjet @lordjames
I have design a simple steemjet map @lordjames please have a look on it
It will be my great pleasure to work with you people.

Now, it has officially took off!

Steemjet is turning into lifestyle. Let's go party on discord.

Thanks to @dimimp and the entire SF Team!

I'll be watching for the community activities. I look foward to be an active member.
Thanks to the boss @dimimp, and to @josemiguel, @jogreh and @gacorniel for keeping me inform.

This is a great idea, this will let the newbies to know more about steemjet, and it will bridge the gaps between the members.

This is a wonderful innovation, I have always loved the radio ... but my lack of good internet service would limit my participation. CONGRATULATIONS!

Great! A new innovation on steemjet. So how can one participate

Congratulations sir for your post.
Please sir my post upvote and resteemit done....

Great initiatives @lordjames You are really flying steemjet high.

This is a nice development. Can't wait to be onboard.
Lets go.

Another great news. Staying informed will keep us together.

Wow this is great, steemjet is really progressing day by day. thanks @dimimp @mbj @lordjames and the entire SF for this great vision.

Steemjet radio all the way... Can't wait for it

Glad we've come this far already. Can't wait to be a part of this. well-done the steemjet audio team.

Really sir you so great man.
You my most choice man.... best of luck

This will be loud and mind blowing as people get to know more about the community

This is great.. This community is sure gonna be the best in the shortest time frame.

Won't miss this for anything... Great work guys

Wow..... Interesting nice one.

I love steemjet.luvly post

we are going high, and now no one can stop us

Hopefully, i will be a listener.

looking forward to it

Cool. Good job guyz
Global Adoption

wow with the breakup of jobs steemjet is taking a succesfull shape it will soon be a brand
long live steemjet superstars ,hope i will be a member of this community soon