Another Scene of the Story "Olivia and the Super Star"

in steemjet •  6 months ago

Hi to all,

Here is my working for the story scene "Olivia and the Super Star" by @dimimp (SteemJet)

I thought much but at the end I thought to show some simple and meaningful.

So I put a globe with QR CODE means that all world are now have qr code.

And Olivia is standing on Jet Like a BOSS

Hope You Like it

@dimimp Comment

"($200) Pretty soon, everyone in the world had their own SMT superstar, and they all lived happily ever after.

The End.

(and do an image of your choice and on the page write)(200)

The moral of this story is that sometimes kids ARE smarter than their parents!"

@dimimp give us last scene, and after that he wants another so Now I will start work on next scene where I put Olivia with her parents... SOON

Thanks for visit my Post

Have Nice Day

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@dimimp sir
I edited the design again as you suggested
The global view design

And a quick reminder sir you said if anybody need a steem bath it me but you forgot about me And I added extra art for steem Gold

Thank you sir

Your comments box is always full sir this is where I post for you To see


My favorite artist
You always making me smile
Love ya art work bro


Thank You So Much Dear,
Its My pleasure

good job friends.


Thanks Dear @longming

Mehn @shrazi you've done a very good job so far,
Looking at Olivia turning into a boss with her suit,
I'll call her The BOSS LADY
so cute....
You never seize to amaze us all on #steemjet,
I'm proud of you and I'm sure @dimimp is too....
More power to your elbow @shrazi.


Thank You SO much DeaR for the compliment...


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AWESOME @shrazi,
You are One of the Super Star yourself...
Awesome art work


Thanks Dear for the ComplimenT