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SteemJet recently came to my attention when @einstei1 contacted me on discord and introduced me to @steemjetdiscord.  

@steemjetdiscord and their discord server seems to be the meeting point for the entire steemjet community and from what I can find, there are a few accounts attached.

The steemjet collective community has been funded by @dimimp by way of delegation and a serious amount of prizes.  With this level of delegation and prizes involved I thought I would take a deeper look at this community, its effects on retention, its reach and its general activity on the block.

The account involved are @steemjet @steemjetceleb  @steemjetdiscord @steemjetmedia @steemjetnewbies @steemjetrecords.  Really hope I did not miss any of these.  There are also several other steemjet accounts however none of these have been funded.  It appears from my research that the founder of steemjet is @deandaniel.

Before I continue, sending a big shout out to @einstei1 for his outreach and attempt to grow more support for @steemjetdiscord.  I know he was working late the last few nights getting things done on their server so I hope @dimimp you can take the time to read his latest post as he really needs a laptop to continue his work.

#steemjet posts

Since inception the steemjet tags have received 13K posts from 1812 different authors.  These posts have earned $24.95 SBD in total post payouts and received 367K net votes.

The 13K posts also received 51K comments from 2651 different authors.  The payout on the comments was $24.22K SBD and they received 46K votes.

We can see from the time line charts, the number of posts peaked in August, the post payout peaked in June and the number of comments on posts peaked in May. Shout out to the community leaders here.  It would be nice to see engagement on posts in this tag pick back up again, however people have to be willing to engage with each other.  

The following accounts are the accounts most active in posting to the related tags


The following accounts are most active in comments on posts in the related tags


Looking at things in US$, the charts below show posts in these tags have netted $104K so far this year.

Votes from steemjet accounts

With some SP behind these accounts, its worth looking at how much they are spreading the love.


The steemjet accounts have voted for 1031 different authors on 4996 posts.  Therefore we can say they have voted on 57% of accounts that posted to the tags and 38% of posts.

The @steemjet account has given out over 51% of all the votes from this group and have reached 562 unique accounts.  We can also see a sharp rise in both the number of accounts and the no of votes given in August.  Its worth pointing out here, that most of the delegation was done in August.

The table below shows the accounts in receipt of the most votes from the select accounts



STEEM as a posting a voting platform in general has a low retention rate. Out of 1.134M accounts on steemit only 8.8% have been active in posting or voting in the last 14 days.  The bottom chart shows the actual drop off days, however this is hard to read as so many people drop off in the first 10 days.  The chart above this excludes accounts that have dropped off in the first 10 days.

Community initiatives have been proven to improve retention.  Lets take a look at the steemjet community


How amazing is that.  68% of accounts that have posted to #steemjet or have received a vote from them are still active on the platform.  That’s a considerable improvement on steem in general.


Steemjet is a relatively new community on the block.  Its not unusual to see new communities form, but what is unusual is to see new communities raise funding or being sponsored by larger accounts.  The steemjet community has been very luck to have secured funding from @dimimp by way of delegations and by way of prizes.  In addition to the delegations, @dimimp has transferred 181K steem to members of this community since the beginning of April this year.

Are you a member of the steemjet community?  If so please do share your experience with us.  What do you do for the community? and what do you most love about the community?

If you are not yet part of steemjet community do hop over to their discord server and tell @einstei1 that I have sent you.  Here is a direct link for their discord channel

@dimimp if you are reading this, congratulations to you and your community. @einstei1 is an awesome dude and I do hope that you will hear his requests for funding for @steemjetdiscord, looks to me like he really deserves it.

Shameless Promotion

@steemcommunity is a witness project from myself @abh12345 and @c-squared Curation team. Our focus is inclusion, retention, engagement and curation.  There are many good witnesses out there and doing your research is important. I hope you will take the time to read our witness introduction post and consider us as one of your steemit witnesses. If you are not sure how or why to vote for a Steemit witness drop a question below and I will do my best to help you.   


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Nice one here!!

thanks @deandaniel. Awesome work on Steemjet, its gone relatively un noticed on many parts of steemit so I hope this will gain you some positive exposure

Nice one here!!

Agreed. Thanks for getting me up to speed @paulag.

you are most welcome @machnbirdsparo

I've heard of steemjet, but never took a closer look. That's a fantastic retention rate though; they're clearly doing something right. Thanks.

im sure giving a away so much steem helps????????

@dimimp has transferred 181K steem to members of this community since the beginning of April this year.

Holy crap! Who is this guy?

Well that's one way to keep a bunch of people engaged I guess :D

Holy crap is right. From what i have been told, a lot of this has been to fund trips to steemfest

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Very cool if so. See you all there!

So wish i was going too

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Thanks @paulag you are really doing great work. hope i achieve my goal soon thanks for supporting me

I hope so to

Once again thanks for your good wish

Thanks @paulang sharing such a great information among peoples

You are most welcome, you are dping awesome work and i hope you get the support you need

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wow!.. Good job done here . Bravo!!!!!

thank you very much

Most welcome..
Check out the party at @steemjetnewbies....

Your comments will be highly appreciated..

You can join the party to guide us.. You've been here before us.. See you there!!

that you for the invite, I would love to pop over and have a look around. I have also joined steemjetdiscord server, might catch you there too :-)

  ·  last year (edited)

Definitely...feel free to relate.. I am almost always online!!

Wow...that was amazing you digging in dip for all this data...I commend your work also...we are the future of steem we will make the platform break grounds.....
We are happy to be working with @dimimp ....the party never stops.

party on so. I love a good party

These are some great and promising metrics. Particularly those behind the high retention can show a way to reduce churn on the platform. How can we help in supporting this initiative and/or potential take this example to support other similar communities and projects? I am thinking I need to look at these tags to curate and engage there to support these users.

I had a good look, I think they need a lot of guidance as cheetah seems to be present a lot. However I have noticed a lot are in the appeals process and I think much of it is down to lack of understand of steem. So if you are curating and find these authors, do give them advice on best practice as many just need to learn and are not here to cheat the system

Will do! Ran into a new user as part of some of the #introduceyourself curation I have been trying to do lately. I hope to continue to look through then over the next month or so.

Seems I arrived late to the party dearie. I can't thank you enough for the super article and analysis on steemjet... I love the article and steemjet promises to bring more to the steem blockchain...... Hope to see you at steemfest.

we meet again. Glad you liked the post.

I'm not going to steemfest, I have family commitments that make it not possible, it such a pity because I would so love to go. But while you are there, have a load of fun and meet as many amazing people as you can.

Thanks dear, sure, I will .

They are doing a good job. My only fear is that they are moving very fast. They need to build and keep their foundation. there is a time to expand and it will come.

they are doing an awesome job of bringing new people, but a lot of them need coaching and guidance as cheetah is popular among this community

waaaaaav great dear paulag....its really amazing for us,,,how you have collected all this information......let me to resteem your this post

thank you for the resteem - I use steemsql to gather the data in this post and then I used power bi to model and present the data. Glad you like it

This is amazing! You did a lot of work gathering this information... I am glad the @steemjet community is gradually getting the audience it deserves.. Basically, steemjet is a community that accommodates every talented and hardworking fellow on the block! #Steemjet is the reason I'm still here!.. Thanks to @dimimp for his magnanimous generosity...
I am surely resteeming this article!

thank you for the resteem @essiential and I am glad you found the post of value

So many opportunity on the Steem Blockchain. So many great people has been coming with great ideas.

Its gets more amazing every day

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Yes it does. Do these guys run a witness project as well?

I dont think they do

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  ·  last year (edited)

Saw them months ago. They had art contests for their logos and such with big prizes but I didn't join. Oh well. 😅

And apparently they're still doing it. Alright!

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Yup looks like they are still doing it. How cool

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Good one there @paulag. A lot has really been going on in the community. The boss @dimimp has really change so many life's. Sometimes I wonder why he is doing all he's doing. Whatever is the reason, God will bless him Amen.

As a member of the community, I have been trying my best to publicize the community and its activities to people on social media who knows little or nothing about steemit and blockhain. And by so doing, I have been able to bring new members through delegating steempower to open account for them.

Recently, I did a cartoon video of the story written by the boss @dimimp about the people of the land and the miners [blockchain teaching tools]. You should consider checking it out..

nice effort ( although personally I hate computer generated voices). People are really working hard for this community, its so awesome to see. Ninja moves.

Wow!! Those are some amazing stats. i've seen the Steemjet name before but don't really know much about it. I will have to check it out. Seems amazing :)

very positive stats indeed, defo worth having a look because finding a community you fit with is so important here on steemit

Well I have joined the Discord. We will see where it goes from there :) Thanks!

Awesome. I just did a steemit communities wrap up post a couple days ago. This is a great additional one. Just resteemed.

nice one, thanks for adding it to your list

Interesting, I will check it out... So many groups that are doing the hard work of attracting people and more importantly, retaining people.

It does seem interesting. I love stuff that retains people

Posted using Partiko Android

You really took your time to find out about the community. Let me take your question one after the other.

If so please do share your experience with us.

I joined steemjet quite late cos I was still confuse what it goals was and all i see then was Graphic and Art contest which i was very terrible at. I got employed to steemjet after I met with the pilot and interviewed him, I shared the video on @dimimp post and he loves it and boom, I became a Space force member. At first, I still don't get it but I took my time to understand what others were doing before i was able to fit it.

What do you do for the community?

I do anything relating to entertainment and media both interviews and music and that includes audio and videos and also onboard members to the community.

and what do you most love about the community?

This is community that helped me discover my hidden talents and potentials, and the best community in fulfilling people's dream. I started as an SF 7 member but through hardwork, I got promoted to SF 3 and then to SF 1 by @dimimp and I got 1000 steem for both promotion. The steemjet community has solved certain financial problems in my life and just this week. I just moved into a new and a bigger apartment i rented with the promotion reward. Here is a proof.
This is enough reason to love this community like crazy, changing lives

This is only possible with the sponsor @dimimp and grateful for that

Off key: Sometimes I wonder if he is human or angel cos no one knows his identity but he is a good man

thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Your story is rather inspirational. I have heard of this space force, or those that he delegates too. you must be very honored to have been chosen. I need to check out your account now and take a look at some of your work.

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I am a member of the prestigious steemjet space force cadre , and I am the head of the STEEMJET MUSIC DEPARTMENT run by the @steemjetmusic account , was the writer / composer of the first ever recorded anthem pon steem jet performed along side @etemi ,do have a feel.

cool song, you are both well tallented :-)

And you are an amazing researcher too yeah. I read through every bit of your post.

thank you. you are going to have to do something to get cheetah off you back. Are you in the process yet? Dont ruin your chances on steemit, and get working on cheetah :-)

  ·  last year (edited)

Yes i am in a process of resolving it , I have discussed with @logic and I was given a 14 day atonement task to complete after which I will be cleared. From now on I'd post 100% original, contents or 100% properly sited contents and materials.