Celebration of 200 days on steemit

in #steemjet3 years ago

Good day to my fellow steemian.
Am really proud and happy to celebrate my 200 days on steemit.

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Celebrating 200 days on blockchain is not easy.
The 200 days journey have been a awesome daysbso far.

Coming to steemit to do what am good in doing. I realized that steemit is not all about post and go. To succeed in steemit, you have to be committed and have determination.

I came to steemit to start the continuation of my website, In which I post stories.
Posting stories on steemit, I didn't earn much as expected.

I came across a community on steemit called steemjet. Steemjet is sponsor by @dimimp, he have help many steemian including me.
Am so happy toeet a man like that. He have real changed my life for better. May God continue to bless him for the whole steemjetters.

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I dedicated my 200 days celebration to @dimimp and steemjetters for making my days awesome on steemit.



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