Olivia and the Super Star Page 7a - 7b Longer Version (Pages 1 - 6 Included)

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And just like that...

Everything sounded too good to be true, but she had no reason to doubt her new friend's promise. After all, the Super star was pretty clear: "Make wishes and divide me in pieces", "I am yours now!" And as she felt certain for her decision she asked for a bike!

Anxiety flooded every cell of her body. She needed to see it with her own eyes. She needed to believe that this is not just a beautiful dream. "This has to be real" she thought. It was the moment she had been waiting for. And just like a miracle, the Superstar broke a piece of itself and transformed it into a golden bike!

No words could describe the way she felt. Her eyes sparkled like diamonds and a broad smile was formed at her face. She still couldn't believe in her eyes. She had never seen something like that again. A golden shiny bike was there, waiting for her. At that moment she realized that her new friend would indeed make her wishes come true and wasting no more time, she jumped on and rode away!


End of Page 7a - 7b
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This will be a nice handout for steemjet

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Olivia looks really kind of excited to.

Oh yes she is!

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If you can make everything up and compile it in a PDF so that it can be uploaded on our just tested website Steemjet.org, I think that will be cool

I ll give it a shot

This is a nice job.. I'm following this..thank you for your continuous support to this wonderful community