Olivia and the Super Star Page 6 Longer Version (Pages 1 - 5 Included)

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Ask...and you shall receive!

Olivia felt like her dream had just come true. She was very excited to realize that the star could actually talk. Can you imagine having a talking star as a friend? And how about a talking star which can grant your wishes? How would you feel? What would you ask for? This is exactly how Olivia felt!

The Superstar's words kept spinning inside her head. It sounded too good to be true. She could possibly ask for anything she ever wanted. The feeling of excitement was extremely overwhelming to the point that she could barely control her thoughts. But she had to find out. She had to ask.

She closed her eyes and started to struggle with her desires. She was confused and just couldn't decide. Suddenly she felt like time stopped for a moment. And that was it! Everything was pretty clear in her head. She had always wanted to explore the world. So she opened her eyes and said: "I want a bike!"

End of Page 6

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Wow olivia's story is so amazing though short..i cant wait for page 7.


que bella esta historia,te felicito

@dimimp will you find time for me?

Are we transitioning to a version of the book for older children?

@mindtrap, you really trapped my mind with this designs . good job man.

@mbj thank you my friend.
But the one who should get the credit for the designs is @shrazi .
I am only making the longer version. The writing. But I'd love to know if you like it!

Creativity does not only end on arts, it is also in writing, @shrazi is one of the best in my department(ART) and he knows it . You too can be the best you can be. Thanks to @shrazi and thank you too for your support.

very true my friend ,inspiration does not , always have to be original ,ypou can always spin off ideas from other enchanting works.

Short and insightful.. Welldone

Thank you so much for stopping by!