My simple 2D logo design for steemjet: (screenshots of the progress included!)

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Hi dear Steemians,

I've designed a logo for the steemjet community; a great community of steemians which was initiated by @dimimp. This logo design was inspired by my previous design which I drew traditionally by hand using pencils and black ink.

Check the initial designs in the collage below:


I felt the need to digitize the design so that the steemjet community could adopt the design for future purposes.

I used a simple computer program (inkscape) to make these designs. Screenshots of the progress are here provided below:


For a start, I outlined the shape of a space jet which symbolizes the steemjet community, with the steem symbol at the middle which shows that steem powers the community


I created a circle which symbolizes the globe


I superimposed the first design of the second


Here's the added text "steemjet" to the design


Then there's a white square; the background

How is my design? Kindly drop your suggestions. Thank you for visiting my blog


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