A Thousand Benefits Of Coconut Trees

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Coconut becomes the main commodity in Indonesia. In this post I will write a little information that I know about the benefits of coconut. Caption photo I took in a coconut plantation that is around my residence.


The Coconut

Coconut is a member of the Arecaceae family which is a species within the genus Cocos. Coconut tree is a kind of palm tree with one straight stalk which has many usefulness and important function since prehistoric times. This is one type of tree where almost every part has benefits, including fruit, wood, roots, and leaves. In many places, as in Indonesia, many coconut trees are cultivated both in housing, and in plantations.

Over time, the coconut tree is known as the tree of life, this tree can produce a variety of products derived from various parts, such as to build houses, decorations, and even medicines.

Here are some of the benefits we can get from coconuts:



The benefits of coconut trees from roots to shoots are inevitable, coconut roots are very beneficial to the environment. Coconut has hair-like roots, and has a fibrous root system. The root of the coconut consists of thousands of thin roots that grow out of the ground and only a few of those roots penetrate deep into the soil. Coconut trees produce roots from the base of the stem throughout their lives continuously and the number of roots produced depends on the age of trees and the environment. The size of the root diameter of the coconut usually has less than 3 inches.

The root of coconut is commonly used in various fields, including:

1. Drinks and herbal medicines.
The roots of coconut trees can be used as dyes, basic ingredients for toothbrushes, and basic ingredients for desserts. In addition, by consuming coconut root cooking water that has been filtered, can help treat various kinds of indigestion such as diarrhea, dysentery, and other digestive problems. It can also treat itching.

2. Building construction
Because it has a fairly strong structure, the roots of coconut trees can also be used as a buffer of buildings (chicken claws).

3. Flood prevention.
Because it is able to absorb water in very large quantities, coconut root is also believed to prevent flooding. This is what may be used as the reason why coconut trees are widely planted in residential areas.

4. Material of various handicrafts.
Since ancient times, the roots of coconut plants are also often used as one of the handicraft materials that have economic value, such as making bracelets, necklaces and others.



Coconut trunks have fibrous grains. There are three basic colors associated with the density of the wood, namely dark brown, medium brown, and glowing gold. Coconut trunks generally have a height of 25 mtr with a diameter of 300 mm. The content of silica in the stem gives the effect of tree elasticity.

Coconut trunk has many applications, such as:

1. As material of structure and interior design.

The use of coconut trunks for interior design is divided according to the quality of its density, namely:

  • High-density coconut trunks, suitable for general structural such as pillars, rolls, white water rafting, furniture, windows, door frames, flooring, decking and floor beams.
  • Medium density coconut trunks can be used for walls, ceilings, beams, and horizontal buttons.
  • Low density coconut trunks are used in non-loaded bearing applications such as wood panels, internal and ceiling trims, and household appliances.

2. As an exterior design material.
Coconut trunks can also be used for building exterior applications, such as entrances or gates, screens, and doors.

3. The basic ingredients of paper making.
Coconut trunks can also be extracted for pulp making.



Coconut has part of leaf which is single leaf and pinnate.
Various uses of coconut leaves are:

  • Coconut leaves are still young or so-called janur, can be used for various kinds of things, such as wicker materials for decorating a traditional ceremony, as a food wrapper, such as ketupat, and lemet.

  • Coconut leaves that are old, can be used as banahn webbing for the manufacture of roof and wall of the building.

*Coconut leaves that have been dried can also be used as woven material for making mats, hats, bags, and various types of other handicrafts. In addition, the dried coconut leaves can also be used as the basic ingredients of paper makers after being extracted into mush.

  • Stem or leaf called lidi, can also be used as a hygiene-making material, such as a garden broom.

  • And maybe that we do not know, coconut leaves can also be used as an alternative to livestock feed. Coconut leaves are a favorite food for elephants.




Coconut has a fruit with a size large enough and round. The diameter of coconut fruit can reach 10 to 20 cm, or even more. This fruit has a variety of different colors, such as green, yellow, or brown. Coconut fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants.

The fruit is composed of three elements, namely:

  • Mesokarp in the form of fiber or can be called with a coir duty to protect the inside.

  • Endokarp which is the hard part or commonly referred to as shell or shell. It has an impermeable properties. Endokarp serves to protect seeds.

  • Endospermium is a liquid that contains many enzymes. As we get older, it will undergo a solid phase that will eventually hide on the endocarp wall.


The coconut flower begins to bloom when the coconut is about 4 to 6 years old. The flowers are yellow and sweet-smelling. The flower portion is compounded in a series protected by bractea. Where there are male flowers located far from the base and the females are located at the base of the essay.

The interest of coconut can be used as:

  • The fermentation of coconut sap may be used as an ingredient in the manufacture of alcohol and vinegar.

  • As a traditional medicine ingredient

  • As a craft materials such as hats, bags, and sandal straps.

Photo Using Samsung J5

The benefits of coconut trees from roots to shoots are very numerous and it is common knowledge that coconut trees become one of the most useful plants on earth.

So the conclusion I want to explain here is a coconut tree is a tree that has a thousand benefits for humans. Hopefully my post is to provide knowledge and experience about the benefits of coconut trees for the #eSteemian wherever you are.
Please look directly at the references I read document source.

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