SteemHigh Design for SteemJet Competition

in steemjet •  last year 

I am most grateful to @dimimp for the opportunity to show creativity in my own way and possible best. Below is my design for the SteemHigh competition.

Thank you @dimimp for the opportunity for us to showcase the best we can do.

Long live Steemjet
On the wings of superstars






I hope that @dimimp, steemjet, likes my design.

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Beautiful arts there @chri5h!

Your contribution is noted!

what is the "C" currency?

bitcoin cash?

cool concept, thanks!

cri5h - steem high - equally valid

Thank you Sir @dimimp for validating my design. My username is @chri5h. Thanks you once again.

  ·  last year (edited)

cri5h - steem high - 5

Thanks, i am happy you like the design Sir @dimimp. The "C" is Cointed coin.

I love your concept.. Keep contributing good stuffs to the community

wow beautiful one,nice concept weldon