Early access to Steemium for all Steemfest participants.

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Steemium is a new service that make it easy to put your content with precision in the top trending at very low risk/cost.

To celebrate this 3rd Steemfest we're offering early access to everyone who came to Steemfest until the next week.
This is still an early version but the core functionality, security and accounting has been thoroughly tested.

Here's a quick preview and instructions : https://steemit.com/steemium/@steemium/steemium-making-promotion-easy-and-affordable

We've so far only been able to give access to those who paid their Steemfest ticket with STEEM or SBD. Contact us if you're interest and we missed your account. https://discord.gg/wVH88m9

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Thanks for the access! :)
Please add @tixinhacapitinha also... Her ticket was paid by me, you can check it...

Thanks, Done.

Congratulations @steemium! You received a personal award!

Thank you for your participation in the "Meet The Steemians" contest in Kraków. We hope you enjoyed it and made lots of new friends. See you at SteemFest4!

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hi @steemium how does it work? can we join now or is there a waiting list for the next opening ? :P Let me know pretty please.

Can't seem to be able to join your discord, do you have an invite link?

The discord channel of steemium is public, I think you should be able to join. I had no problem joining.

All sorted now, thank you.

Hello @steemium! This is a friendly reminder that a Partiko user has just followed you! Congratulations!

To get realtime push notification on your phone about new followers in the future, download and login Partiko using the link below. You will also get 3000 Partiko Points for free, and Partiko Points can be converted into Steem token!


Gracias por la información.

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