Digital Marketing: three promising digital platforms for 2019

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As the years go by, digital platforms evolve and those that one day are the latest trend soon become obsolete; Myspace, Hi5, among others are things of the past; While there are those who say that Twitter is dying, Facebook is under scrutiny by the government, while Instagram has been quickly invaded by ads, scams as well as an algorithm to overcome.

From Marketo report that as a marketer, you have to know what is in the digital world, what your competition is doing and how you can use the tools and technology available to reach your customers.

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For the above, we present three emerging platforms in social networks that will give you something to talk about during 2019.

  1. Vero
    Alternative to: Instagram

It is the main contender to the giant of digital media exchange (Instagram). This application allows you to easily share movies, television, music, books, places, photos and links. This opens the "collection" to help build a better profile of the individual; It is an excellent tool for artists, it also has no ads, it's just content.

In such a way that without advertising, this would be a tool that can be used as a platform for research and discovery. With it, you could discover what matters to your broader customer base or find inspiration for a new campaign. Do not underestimate the power of navigation to awaken your creativity.

    Alternative to: Snapchat / Vine

The application built in China is structured to replace Snapchat; It also differs from the second by focusing on videos from 15 seconds to 1 minute. In addition, you can choose soundtracks to accompany the video as well as using different filters and speed effects. By using the digital platform you can also create shorter videos called "moments in vivo", which are essentially GIFS with music.

In the same way, users can also "recover" sounds created by other users and interact with others through the "ask", "duo" and "best fan forever" functions.

With new ways to edit short and easy-to-take videos, can offer opportunities for social media marketers to create new and exciting audiovisual content to attract your audience.

  1. Steemit
    Alternative to: Reddit

In case you are creating a lot of content, why do not you get paid for it ?; This is the question that the people of Steemit are trying to solve with their new social networking platform; it is executed in the chain of blocks Steem with cryptocurrencies, this stores the content in an immutable blockchain ledger while rewarding users for their contributions with digital tokens.

Users can earn Steemit tokens by posting, by sharing your posts, you can earn up votes from community members. Also, with voting and curating, if you discover a publication and you vote before it becomes popular, you can earn a curatorial reward. The amount of the reward for the amount of Steem Power you have.

This platform could have high implications for marketing specialists if there is an association with an established platform. With the opportunity to innovate at all times and the constant development of products, there is great potential for specialists to involve their audience in new and exciting ways.

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