Steemit Weekly - 08-26-2018

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Steemit's Weekly Scoop

Last week has been very business-like but fear not, there's still some fun scoop for today's weekly.

Haejin Saves The Day - Do We Really Need More Investors?

Those who are eager to play SteemMonsters should know this by now. Even @aggroed acknowledged a 10K USD market day for the game 2 days ago.

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@haejin is on the lookout for Selenia Sky golden card. If you have it, this is your chance.


Build Now, SMT Later

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This is not just for developers and gamers, it's open to all who can think of a real-world application of STEEM.

Envision this STEEM app now and partner with Utopian to make it happen.

Did you know these projects exist?

  1. Sell auction-style with @steembay
  2. STEEM/SBD to your Paypal account with @steemexchanger
  3. Tip STEEM on Twitter with @steemtipper

    Oh and Byteball is also asking you to use that thinker for a Use-a-thon.

Battle of the Brains - Investors, Carts and Hives

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A second appearance for @sircork with his cart-before-the-horse viewpoint vs @thehives' counter-focus.

It's a long read so be sure to have some popcorn.


Haejin Gets An Upvote After Flags Were Promised

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There was a technical glitch and is now fixed. So flags from @sadkitten against haejin is ongoing... of course haejin fights back.


Who's HODLing SBD?

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Ever wondered who's cashing out and who's investing? @lukestokes has a pretty nifty report summarizing the volume and amount of STEEM going in and out of the platform.

And if you read it, meet @hodlsbd.


Free Ticket to Steemfest Contest

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@smooth is hosting a contest if you want a free Steemfest ticket.

EHU7q5Iz.gif EHU7q5Iz.gif
That's all for the week of August 19 to 25!

We don't write the news. We just report the news.

Weekly LIE editors:
@lovenfreedom @iamstan @enforcer48

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Some good info as usual! I'm really enjoying this series of yours and I think you're doing a great job with it.

This is not just for developers and gamers, it's open to all who can think of a real-world application of STEEM.

Hmm.. You know I've made a note to get in touch with them at some point, or.. To at least look into what they are doing more, as I definitely have an important app idea I could use help with.

I have what I think is an amazing idea in the form of an app for the marketplace, just need a programmer and perhaps funding, I think it could be significant. So.. It's good to know that it sounds like they are willing to work with people like me? Who have good ideas, but may not be connected to programmers and such? I definitely need to look into it more! Thanks!


Thanks for your support! We are enjoying putting it together. We have an awesome scoop sniffer so it makes it even more fun.

cough cough @enforcer48

As for the SMT/STEEM app idea - would you get with me on Discord to talk about it? lovenfreedom#5290


You're welcome. enforcer48 is good at what he does!
And yeah. Sure. Let's talk tomorrow or another time though as I'm just on my way to bed shortly here. Will be curious to hear what you think though! Thanks for reaching out. :)

This post make me think about !pancakes


Thanks for contacting Pancakes Express!

Would you like to order pancakes?

Please upvote this comment with your order:

$0.01+random delicious pancake
$0.05+excellent pancakes suited for a king or queen
$0.25+party pancakes
$1+best pancakes we have ever made
$?it's ninja!

If you would like to order your own pancakes, just make a comment !pancakes anywhere on the blockchain and we will send you a menu.


That's a beautiful stack of pancakes!

Thanks for the mention, I might be in over my head in the debate. I hold strong to the idea put forward by The Hive will give a greater stability for investors. The Hive ambition is to lift everyone up. Not just the investor, not one individual on Steemit.


Good luck with your vision!


Thank you, Will take all the good luck we can get.

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