Steemit-United Daily Upvote Report (2019-10-12)

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Hi Steemit,
this is the daily upvote statistic report of the main a/c Steemit-United.

The upvotes of the last 24h are as following:

@silverd510Silver Porn Saturday Vol. 7Link
@roadstoriesCleaning the soul with forgiveneLink
@contestkingsContest Kings Verified - 12th OcLink
@centering가운데독서노트 - 오늘부터 시작Link
@gghite(테이스팀) 우리동네 진짜 맛있고 멋있는 분식 - 관덕정Link
@kibumh카카생각 #7건강을 위해 소식을 하는데.. 감사함을 배Link
@lalala🏅 Daily Update Steemit Top UseLink
@ronaldoavelino# 585 - 1976 Olympic Coins - ParLink
@taskmaster4450SMT Testnet Live: One Step CloseLink
@stortebekerWhat to Eat in Mexico - When TorLink
@detlevPayout BeerSaturday - Week 106 WLink
@hallmannFotoplastykon #707: Lwów/LvivLink
@ronaldoavelino500 - A Casa da Moeda AustríacaLink
@traveljack894The land of pastries / Il paeseLink
@elsiekjayWe Made History Today!Eliud KipcLink
@hafizullahWhale Support and My FeelingsLink
@borjanMY ENTRY FOR THE '' Let's Make aLink
@cyberrn.zzangPromise-trust BuyZZAN100-100,Link
@miti@miti Curation Project: Daily reLink
@thedawnDuolingo - The app to learn langLink
@glory7구매 후기 자연의 선물 피톤치드, 피톤치드 하면 "닥터Link
@skuld2000가평 포도즙 시음기Link
@scaredycatguideBitcoin Fails Second HurdleLink
@memetecaEstan regalando criptooss...Link
@oendertuerkRoads on StreetsLink
@tasquai손흥민 발견!Link
@cryptopieI Had A Nightmare And It Was AmaLink
@jungjunghoon(종료)AAA이벤트 - 눈 깜짝할 새 금요일 주사위를Link
@kiwifi태즈매니아로 떠나볼까요?Link
@sergiomendesFriday night doughnuts and SteemLink
@wonsama퀴즈 (완료) 이 사진이 뭘까요? 맞추시면 5스팀 ?!Link
@serezeMy Actifit Report Card: OctoberLink
@poeticsnakeSnekkies digital drawing world (Link
@skramatterswobniar niLink
@laputisMy Actifit Report Card: OctoberLink
@barbara-orenyaOne bird, two artworks : a manuaLink
@wonsama후기 가평 포도 과즙구매Link
@ma1neevent@Ma1neEvent Blog: More end of suLink
@answerswithjoe5 Steps to Positive ThinkingLink

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