Introducing the Steemit Toolbar Chrome Extension

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The Steemit Toolbar is a Google Chrome extension that will help you keep an eye on key indicators like Voting Power, STEEM price and SBD price.

It will allows you to permanently monitor these values while browsing the website.


This Google Chrome Extension is my own work and is not released, endorsed, or reviewed by Steemit inc.

1. Setup

The extension is available here on the Chrome Webstore

Click on the “add to chrome” button

Click on the “Add extension” button.

For your information, the only data the Steemit Toolbar will read in your browser is the URL of the active tab. If the site address matches “”, then the extension will activate itself and displays the Steemit Toolbar.

Once installed, the Steemit Toolbar extension will appear as a small button on the right of your address bar. If you click on it, a configuration window will popup.

2. Configuration

2.1 Configure your account

After installing the extension, Steemit Toolbar will not display any Voting Power. You need to configure your account. To do this, click on the extension icon.

The configuration windows is displayed and you will be able to enter your account name.

Type your account name and hit ENTER when done. The toolbar will immediately updates itself and start to periodically show you Voting Power.

If you made a mistake when entering your account name, Steemit Toolbar won’t be able to retrieve your account information from the blockchain and will display an “Unknown User” error message.

2.2 Configure displayed values

You can choose which values to display in the Steemit Toolbar by checking or unchecking each of them. The Steemit Toolbar will be automatically updated according to your choice.

Voting power
Display your account’s current voting power. This value is updated every 3 seconds and its color will change depending on the voting power you left.

  • green if your VP is greater than 80
  • orange if your VP is greater than 60
  • red if your VP is lower than 60

Display last average market price of the STEEM token. The price is taken from several exchanges and averaged.

Display last average market price of the SBD token. The price is taken from several exchanges and averaged.

2.3 Configure your currency

When showing STEEM or SBD value, Steemit Toolbar can convert it to several currencies. Select the one that best fit your need and the display will automatically be updated.

2.4 Configure the price evolution gap

Steemit Toolbar will also show the price evolution for the tokens you have chosen in relation to the associated currency. The comparison can be made on different time gap.

For example, if you choose 30 min, Steemit Toolbar will show the difference between the current price and the one 30 minutes ago.
If the new price is greater or equal than previously, the ratio will be displayed in green
If the new price is lower than previously, the ratio will be displayed in red

When you’re done configuring Steemit toolbar, simply click outside the popup window. Your configuration will be automatically saved.

3. The Toolbar into action

On this screenshot, you can see that the toolbar is only visible on the tab browsing

At the time of the screenshot, my voting power was going low and displayed in orange and, unfortunately, both STEEM and SBD prices were going down last 30 minutes.

Next releases coming soon.

Some features are already planned for the next release

  • add more currencies for conversion
  • add account's remaining bandwidth monitor
  • add detailed reputation indicator
  • and many other ideas of which I do not yet speak to keep the surprise...

If you have special requests or features you absolutely want me to add, do not hesitate to drop a comment. You can also contact me via or via Telegram (@VIM_arcange)

Thanks for reading!

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Yay! This is awesome, @arcange. :) Request currency in PHP, if possible, but the current USD option is fine if not.

Resteeming this to 13,000+ followers.


@joanaltres, thanks for your support =)


Very good post
Plz Follow me and upvote my post i will upvote ur all post

Ah nice, so i dont have to check steemd every day


Very good post
Plz Follow me and upvote my post i will upvote ur all post really is a good news. Since steemit doesnt have an official app i think with this we could monitor our account easily.

Thank you for sharing such a good tool.
I hope its gonna have more feature in the future.

Steem on!


Stay tuned ... more (and more) features to come!

Thank you for this initiative @arcange. Resteemed and voted as witness. We need people like you in the community.


Thanks for your support. Really appreciated!

This is brilliant. Why does it only display when on I would love it if this was constantly displayed in my browser!


Why does it only display when on

I wanted the toolbar to be as less invasive as possible. Moreover, as Google Chrome does not natively support additional toolbars, it might break other websites behavior.
I might consider later adding an option for it being always on


Thanks for the response. I would love it if it worked whilst I browsed round other sites. Thanks


Other sites are worthless!! Stay on Steemit! :P


But I can't pay my bills, do banking etc etc on Steemit!! I need to come up for air sometimes and when I do, it would be great to be able to check voting power and exchange rates at a glance!!


OK, you got a point.
It will be easier to add an "always show" option to the toolbar than to integrate bills payment and online banking into Steemit ;)
Stay tuned for next releases ...

Super cool. Installed and works like a charm.

Upvoted & RESTEEMED!


Thank you so much!

Was going to ask you include bandwidth, but see that you're already working on this. Very awesome. Wasn't showing up at first so I just refreshed the page and it worked like a charm! This will keep me from having to visit steemd so much.

This is awesome an is exactly why I follow you! thanks for toolbar!


Thanks for your support! Steem on!

I am still very new, it is great to find you and your post. I can see that you are very smart, generous, and community minded! I did vote for you on the witness page, and installed your app. Thank you so much @arcange. You will see me around!


Thanks for your support and your witness vote. Really appreciated =)

just a small request for next version to have the separation bars ( || ) be a light grey or something to look a little better, just for a bit of contrast space between each measurement so your eyes can lock faster. other than that it looks great, nicely done!


to have the separation bars ( || ) be a light grey

Thanks for the suggestion ... I will try it ...

What a great tool, @arcange! Installed, upvoted and resteemed :-)


Thanks a lot for your support. Glad you like it =)


It's a pleasure, O Archangel. I'm a dashboard kind of girl, so it really helps me :-).

Wow! That's an amazing tool. Thanks @arcange, you have here your first user 😉



you have here your first user 😉

I hope you won't be the only one ;)

Very cool extension, thank you for its creation!

Awesome this app really help all steemians to work with ease. Nice post


Thanks a lot!

This is a great idea. Don't have to have so many tabs open to check everything.

Nice! Is it made to work fine with Windows XP? It's still showing a bunch of zeros half-an-hour after it's been installed on my computer.


Is it made to work fine with Windows XP?

If you have the latest version of Chrome, it should work.

It's still showing a bunch of zeros half-an-hour after it's been installed on my computer.

Check if any firewall or web filtering is not blocking outgoing traffic.


I don't see anything specific that could be blocking. I'll keep on looking. Thanks.

Thanks a lot for sharing with us

Thank you @arcange for sending a very good tool.
Now I installed it and I'm very pleased with it!
Upvote and Resteemed!
Steem on!


Thanks you for your support!



Very nice

Good work @arcange, I like this!


Thank you!

Wow! It's awsome!

very cool!

one quesiton: why does the app need access to my browsing history?


It is because of Google Chrome requirements to be able to know if you open a post full page or as a popup windows on top of Steemit's website.
Only technical stuff ... I don't care about the history content ;)


thanks, really cool extension

Interesting... Thanks

Wow very remarkable post @arcange. thanks for sharing


You're welcome.

Thank your for sharing this with us arcange.
I resteemed and upvoted.
As soon as i am at home i will install this nice little toolbar. :)

@arcange, very nice toolbar. Thanks.

Great post..nice intro tutorial..


Thanks for your kind comment.


You welcome @arcange:))

Very cool idea, thank you!

Absolutely Brilliant!

That's pretty cool stuff. Might try this out. Any chase of seeing this on something like firefox?


We will give it a try to see if it can be implemented on Firefox.
No promises ...


I think that is all we can ask. Thank you.


Firefox too please :)

Great tool, nice initiative

This is a wealth of information at our finger tips @arcange . Will get this on my tool bar pronto. thank you.

Great work!

I would really like to see a 'favourites' indicator for new blog posts. A subset of the follower post indicator if you will.

Thanks again, I shall be testing later today.

Very nice. I dig it!

Great extension, love it, thank you.

Oh this is just epic!! Big up to who ever made this!


This is so cool thank you!

very useful tool. thank you


this is awesome! but just one it possible to get one of these for Firefox too, Chrome is great but many of us use Firefox. Do you think the same toolbar is possible for Firefox? Please...with sugar on top.
upvote & resteem


I will give it a try to see if it can be implemented on Firefox.
No promises ...


The Firefox loving community will thank you I'm sure if it is possible to get a ff version of the awesome tool you created. If not then we may just have to switch to Chrome (evil Google).

This looks like a pretty handy tool. This is the key data people are usually looking for, and SteemDB is always there for more details.


@arcange Got it on my tool bar. Was most interested in voting power I had available. It shows zero for me, is that because I only have 60 steempowerm because I still produce 3 up votes.

WOW Amazing..! ^ ^

Well done, I'm using it now !

Very nice

Amazing chrome extension...upvoted and resteemed



Thank you for this nice article.

Awesome Nice Development
Steemit Beta Phase

OMG that is so cool. Thank you for the monitor, it is very useful.

@arcange, Idea is cool!! Now will test=))

Would you please rename this? This is not released, endorsed, or reviewed by Steemit and we don't want users to be confused about that.

That said, this is a tremendous tool and I'm super excited to see such things out there. :)

PS: Please remember the tremendous power you now wield over your users; if your machine is compromised and a malicious update were pushed to this extension, your users' keys and funds would be at risk. Take extreme precautions to secure the account used to publish this extension.


Hey @sneak, thanks for your positive appreciation.

Would you please rename this? This is not released, endorsed, or reviewed by Steemit and we don't want users to be confused about that.

Started a DM on steemitchat for this as it is more convenient than comments here

About security, yes I am really aware of it and use a separate account to publish.

You may also wish to whitelist and (our preproduction environments).


I will include them in the next release ;)

Shared it! Thank You @arcange!


Awesome, I'm installing it right away. Is the code on GitHub? I'm curious to have a look at it, and I might make some contributions too if you're open to that


I will open source the code after the next releases.
The code is still a bit messy and I need to clean it up :p


No worries, I know that feeling. Chrome extensions are messy by default

Sweet - installed and loving it. Easy to configure and use. Thanks!

Very useful

Very nice extension, going to give it a try.

Thanks for the great tool, this makes it a-lot easier to monitor my powahhh . Thx for sharing @arcange and @joanaltres for reblogging it.

WoW .. BOMBER !!!!!!!!! - ))
.. could the next UP-DATE .. include THIS ?? - ))
[Extreemit] Chrome Plugin to toggle Resteems on Profile pages!
.. it's a great addition !! - ))
TO a VERY COOL "packAGE" of LOVE !! - ))

THANK YOU ! - ))))))))))))

lovelovelove )))
greb'Z )

PumpeD & 3 rD DAY reSTEEM !! - ))

.. wanna 'trade' for soom BIT SHARES ?? - ))
.. please - ))

BIT SHARES .. for ART .. would you like to trade ???

What's an artist .. to do ?? - ))
ha ha - )))

I love addons I am exploring it now thank you for this

Amazing! I will install this extension right now! Thanks for sharing this wonderful information.

This is more than excellent, thanks @arcange

nicee ican check everytime @arcange

Whoa, this is exactly the kind of thing I've been waiting for, awesome!

Really awesome!!!

thanks for sharing,,, good news

This is so awesome, thanks for sharing.

Awesome awesome awesome! Thank you for making this! Installing asap!

follow for follow @dkinx

Thumbs up! That's an amazing tool.

This is a really great tool. Thanks for developing and sharing it with us. Cheers and keep bringing new features to the Steemit toolbar :)

That's awesome! It is very handy! I like how it is only visible to on the tab but not others. This will be my routine app from now on. Much appreciated @arcange


Thanks for your comment.

I like how it is only visible to on the tab but not others.

Yes, wanted to make it as less invasive as possible.

Good job keep it up.
i am new here this post very helpful for me.

Muy buena aplicación!! Buen trabajo ;)

This is great, thanks @arcange! Would be great to see our current 100% upvote amount ($) as well.

Greetings @arcange, I allowed myself to make a Spanish version of this article so that the Spanish-speaking community can access it faster, I hope it will be to their liking!


@simrodrhuez, this is not the right way to proceed!
You must ask the permission of the author of a post before you can reuse its contents or translate it!


Sorry @arcange I did not know this would be a problem


Again I am very sorry for what happened ... anyway the community that speaks Spanish will be very grateful for the tool you have created ... if you can put your article translated many thank you.
Will not happen again


@simnrodrguez, let's find a nice ways to sort this out...
Please contact me on or Telegram (@VIM_arcange)

Wow it's great I have installed this extension in my pc

Great initiative my friend. Upvoted and you will be my favorite witness.


Excellent work!

Ooh yeah bringing steemtools to mainstream applications..I already have the board addon, this will be VERY nice to have..while i have your ear, would you like to do an interview as part of my witness awareness series? I can squeeze you in after good-karma :)


Thanks for your interest in my work.
I will be glad to do have a talk with you.
You can contact me on or even better via Telegram (@VIM_arcange)

Cool. I had no idea this existed, but it's only my 2nd day with Steem. I downloaded it, now I have to figure out all the details of it.

Best news I have head today. Joined Steemit just yesterday. I need more followers. I always follow back.

i'll give it a test! :)

Thank you for updation.

Thank you, I now have the Toolbar installed :)

This is brilliant mate! I don't know how to make Chrome extensions but this makes me wanna learn how to make Chrome extensions! Great job... :]

Thank you for that. But it is safe?

This post has received a 0.91 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @banjo.

Has someone built one for Firefox? I use No script no Google products were possible. I do this fore security and tracking issues. I don't think it cute to have a bill board say hi and tell me what I should buy. Just checked it out and there was one there. Not to useful as it for emojis only..

Cool to know about this toolbar. :)

Thanks for this information

good post

very good post.