Steemit Talent Contest Week #15 - The Entries

Another week draws to an end! The winner to be announced on Tuesday!! Hola fellow Steemians.


Im proud to present to you this weeks entries for week #15 of Steemit Talent Contest to win STEEM prizes!!!

This week there were 21 entries!!!!! STC is growing stronger every week!! I'd like to thank everyone for their continued support.

Here's a look at the entries received for this week:

ONCE AGAIN A HUGE THANKYOU TO @luzcypher FOR SPONSORING 20 STEEM TO THE CONTEST! Without his generous weekly donation this contest would cease to exist.

Remember the winners from each week will battle it out after every 12 weeks to see who will be the second semi-finalist for the year!

Please support you favorites by clicking on the links and UPVOTING THEIR POST!




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Hi, @donnaincancun. The error was not tag. I wrongly copied the link of my participation. I am so sorry. If you can check this one please. God bless you!


No problem!!


Que bien gracias por publicar todas las entradas donna mucho talento en el concurso, éxitos y bendiciones a todos!

Bonito sombrero Donna.


Haha thanks! 😉

awesome! thanks a lot ;)