Steem Schools Ultimate Challenge 5000 SBD Prize - Make The Best Selfie With a Love Message - Day# 16

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100 Days Steem Schools Ultimate Challenge ( Prize Fund 5000 SBD) - Make the best selfi with a love message.
Thank you for competition Sponsors: @dobartim, @tatjanastan, @flysky, @aidasfg7.
Hi I want to share love message for my mom and something about my life.
After everything broke
There is no desire in my life
Do not pull anything away from me
Just remember some of the memories
There is no return time;
When you were with me
When you were beside you forgot much!
My position, your position,
I want to get you,
I forgot all!
I do not think you're different
I thought I meant you
I mean, I mean!
But all was wrong
All lies
I was also confused,
First love fascination!
The first faith fascination!
When you love to say
I thought you understood the goddess of a goddess of heaven
I thought love god himself!
I thought I would worship in my name
Million love fans
I thought we will be history!
Wrong, all wrong!
Love and love
Not the same as one
I and you are not the same one.
you reject me at the last time
Because of my family
And I had not good reputation and money than your family.
When you left me i am feeling so alone.
That's time my family support me all time.
Because my family love me much.
I still remember you and that's time feel upset.
But I remember one thing my mom love me so much.
I need to live for my mom.
Because you left me for your familes high reputation.
Now I just need my family not you.
I don't want you now in my life
I just want to fullfill my mom dream.
Because she love me than you.
♥♥♥I love you mom...♥♥♥
♥♥ You are my heart Mom ♥♥
♥♥you are my reason for live♥♥
♥♥you are my reason for happiness... ♥♥
Every parents are main strength for there children
If Parents give support her children they will do anything in the world.I just want to make happy my mom and pappa.Thank you so much for read this post. And please pray for my mom and pray for my success. I want to fullfill my mom dreams....
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Awesome, congratulation

· for your support..i am so lucky you visit my blog.

We win together...

Hey Awesome Selfie!

loved it! Mashallah!

Listening your sweet voice!

Best of luck!


Thank you. dear...

Thanks for sharing this Amazing poem
My dear you will make them happy and proud by God grace


yeah..thank you pray for me

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Very nice @afrinsultana


thank you..