Steemit Sandwich Contest Week #57 Garfield!

Hello friends how are you? I managed to arrive in time to participate this thematic number 57 I thought that I would not be able to arrive on time since I have several days sick I attack a virus where I would not leave or get out of bed

Today I was able to go to the doctor and see myself so I feel a little better at least I can get out of bed, I tell you that in my country going to the doctor has become a luxury today when I get up to go to the doctor between and saw the price of STEEM and I was surprised has dropped a lot these days so what I have not given me to cover the costs a bit complicated everything

Still, I think I had the courage to prepare my sandwich, something crazy and messy, but that's Garfield a very crazy cat Haha


I quickly thought about the cat did not need many ingredients and had everything at home

I thought of combining hamburger with lasagna, loves lasagna, like hamburger

Prepare a Napolean or Neapolitan sauce a few days ago with pasta and Parmesan cheese. This is great for making a lasagna. Add a lot of cheese to Garfield, with extra cheese.

Garfield Sandwich


  • Neapolitan sauce or Napoleon
    . Pasta
  • Parmesan cheese au gratin
  • Breaded Chicken
  • Hamburger 'bread

As I told you, prepare a kind of lasagna with Napolean or Neapolitan sauce, I made it at home adding a little garlic and onion in brunoise with a little oil and I added it to sauté then add previously peeled and poached tomatoes to make the puree tomato by passing it through the blender to add the touch add some leaves of bay leaf, oregano, a branch of basil, pepper and salt boil for half an hour and ready

To this I add pasta with a lot of Parmesan cheese and I have my lasagna

In a pan place some breaded chicken to add a little more protein, Place the lasagna in a bain marie to brown the parmesan cheese, and toast the hamburger bun a bit.







I wanted to open my mouth like Garfield does when it's time to eat hahaha


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Hugely gorgeous =)

Lol hilarious photo at the end :)

Like this bizarre Garfield style sandwich! Very creative.

All around funny entry minus the part where u’ve been sick!!! Feel better Yessica!


If I think the photo at the end is the hook hahaha I look like the cat

Thank you very much friend, I must take my medicines

Oh my that is a crazy Garfield sandwich! Love your photo at the end, so fun! Sorry you have been ill, Yessica be well my friend :) Garfield would be proud

Oh thank you very much hahaha if it was something crazy but I think I look like Garfield has a very big mouth

Thanks for the friend support

That is one sandwich Garfield will be thrilled to scarf down. The onions and garlic make the sauce more savory and the extra cheese is perfect. Feel better!

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