Vegan Spicy Black Bean Steak Sandwich For Week #32 Steemitsandwichcontest @jaybird



This is my first time entry to the steemitsandwich contest hosted by @jaybird.




Black bean steaks

2 cups ground black beans dry not soaked or flour
1 tablespoon ground flax
2cloves garlic
1 small hot pepper
1 carrot
1/2 teaspoon of salt or to taste
1/8 teaspoon baking soda

Mince the carrots and garlic in a food processor and mix with the dry ingredients. Add enough water to form a workable dough which is still tough enough to flatten.



I put these in a shallow pan with a little oil on the bottom. After they were browned I added just enough water to stop them from sticking then covered to cook for another ten minutes on medium heat.


The sandwich toppings

Black bean steak
Red onion





I personally love the taste of the pineapple combined with the spicy black bean and avocado. I will have one more week of Mexico after over five months of it, so I must take advantage of the sweetest pineapples and the creamiest avocados.


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What is the origin of this dish? It looks tasy AF. I'd love to wash it down with a Lager. I think the two who complement each other very nicely.


I made it up based on my inspiration of being in Mexico. You just made me thirsty. I must get a cold beer immediately. Too bad I didn't have it earlier.

Great burger and I live the pineapple/avocado/red onion combo. Nice and beautiful. Good luck.


Oh thank you very much!

Friend, how are you? congratulations for this entry is healthy as everything you prepare and that's good I like the colorful of the plate, success


Thank you. I am fine and I hope you are good as well!

ooo nice , I'll be trying that 1


Do you grind the beans before soaking and cooking?


I ground them up dry. I have a magic bullet that works like a spice grinder. It is my favorite tool.


I have something similar, I'll give it a try. I love trying new vegan meals


Thanks so much.

Oh Wow! firstly, Welcome to SSC!

Secondly, this creation rocks! Black Bean Steak, Pineapple & Avocado, Red Onions dam you're hitting some great points of sandwich from my point of view :)


Oh wow @jaybird, first of all thanks for that compliment and also thanks for hosting a super fun contest!


My Pleasure! Except for when I have to choose the winners... that part is no fun :(

aw dear this is really very gorgeous you made me eager to eat dear. i love this


You are so sweet @yassinof thank you.

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This looks very good! I will have to make it! Check out my Vegan breakfast too! I just upvoted and followed you see if you like my page as well!


Super thanks I will check it for sure.


How do you feel? every time there are very good entries for this contest @jaybird you are the king of the sandwich I like to see this contest, people have fun, they help each other with the SBD and they know people who have the same tastes for food, excellent entry


Ahh so kind of you thank you for your great comment!

welcome to the steemit sandwich contest and I love the first (of many we hope) sandwich. Next time I am in the market I am on the look out for ingredients for that vegan burger. @intrepidsurfer


Aaahhh that is so wonderful. Thank you for your warm greeting!

Wow looks delicious! I would’ve never thought of adding pineapples, but I’m sure all those flavors combined taste great!! Yummers will def try out this recipe!


Thanks so much! I kind of was thinking a long the lines of pizza with pineapple. I am in Mexico for a while and the pineapples are perfect right now. So many things to do with them.

This looks so scrumptious and healthy!


Thank you so much!

Friend looks very tasty, I wish you luck in the contest!


Thank you so much for your wishes. It is very fun for me to create food.