Steemitsandwichcontest week#56-Breaded Eggplant Sandwich

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This is my entry for week #56 of #steemitsandwichcontest by @jaybird


I havent't been around much lately. Work hours are all over the place so I in my spare time I have to catch up on certain chores. I am taking a little time today to have some fun with food.

I have made breaded eggplant sandwiches. I guess I'm feeling a little Italian today.


Starting with eggplant, I sliced and coated them in salt.ssc3.jpg

I needed to bake bread since I was unable to find any quality vegan buns in the local area grocers. So I gathered bread flour and ground some oat flakes lightly adding it to the flour, yeast, salt, oil , water and agave nectar. The bread was shaped to buns and topped with some thyme and oregano.



The eggplant was coated in breadcrumbs after dipping each piece in flour then a cornstarch and water paste then breadcrumbs. They were pan fried on both sides then placed in the oven for twenty minutes.


The buns were slathered in pesto which I made from basil, olive oil, cashews, garlic, salt, pepper, and lemon juice. I love my red onions so a few slices of that went on, along with a drizzle of vegan salad dressing made from silken tofu, garlic, salt, pepper,oregano, white balsamic, and lemon juice.


I couldn't help but have a little bit of Sriracha to dip it in.



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Mmmm breaded eggplant. Like how you chose to cut it in slices!

Also looks like a tasty bun :)

Thanks for this !

Thank you @jaybird! It all was really tasty.

My friend how are you? I miss seeing you here, but I know you are very busy. Greetings to Marc. I will be waiting for you as always, I love your recipes

Aww thank you my friend. I am more tired from working until midnight, than busy.
I appreciate you being here for me thank you. I will tell Marc you send greetings.

This looks so tasty and amazing, love the recipe! I couldn't believe it was vegan when I saw the photo first! Can't wait to try it. :) I am slowly going from vegetarian to vegan and recipes like this add a lot of variety to my diet.

Thank you! I really am happy you want to try it.

Hello! long time no see! This looks wonderful, love the pesto add. The eggplant looks nice and crispy. Wonderful presentation as always @carolynstahl! :)

Oh hello my friend. It is a crazy summer for me. I am always on the run. Thank you for the nice compliment!

This sandwich looks so delicious, I love the way you've cooked the eggplant. I'm a huge fan of eggplant, and this looks like a delicious way to prepare it.

Thank you. I love eggplant as well. I don't eat enough of it.

I've never tried eggplant on a sandwich before. Although I've made breaded eggplant, this is an inventive idea! Very nice presentation!

Thank you. I hope you try it. Eggplant is so versatile.

I just love breaded egg plant, your rolls look divine as well! Homemade pesto plus red onions and delicious dressing, must have been delicious :)

Aww thanks @lizelle. To me breaded anything is quite good haha. Nice to hear from you!

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