Masternodes Cryptocurrency and Extreme Private Masternode (EPM)

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Maybe you heard the word "masternode" many times and maybe some of us still curious about it. In this article we can learn more about masternode and it's importance in crypto space.

Masternode is a crypto full node a computer wallet that supports the network by hosting an entire copy of the coins ledger in real time. In return, the masternode will receive crypto coins as a reward. Masternode serves a very important function and having a masternode in the ecosystem allows crypto currencies to focus on the problems that we are facing in the market right now.

What does a masternode do?

It increase privacy of transactions
Doing instant transitions
Participating in governance and voting
And enable budgeting and treasury system in crypto

Typically what you do is download a wallet and when it is installed it need to sync itself because remember in a blockchain, all transactions are recorded and each piece retains it's full records. And if you are constantly recording this transactions, your database is constantly getting larger and you will need more storage space and faster hardware, so one of the solution or one of the ways that crypto currencies have been dealing over this problems is that they have been creating this masternode. It's available 24/7 and the requirements are really higher for this nodes and they are able to perform additional functions.

Masternode started with Dashcoin, it is one of first coin to implement masternode. They started out non - anonymous but they wanted to add an anonymous feature so they add a masternode,this nodes can run by anybody but you will need a thousands of dashcoins. To have a dashcoin masternode you will need to set up a VPS server, and once it set up it will send signal to the dashcoin people saying "i have a masternode" then if somebody wants to anonymise their transactions they can use "private send" which basically hide's your transactions, masternode will take that transaction and mix it up so no one knows where it goes. When you run a masternode you get paid just like minning coins, the best thing about masternode is you dont need a lot of electricity or powerful graphic card, you just need to have a leunox server that runs your masternode and you get paid 45% of blockrewards every block.

Introducing Extreme Private Masternode (EPM)


Just like Dashcoin EPM crypto currency whose purpose is to provide users with more secure, untraceable and stably transacting over the web. EPM features inspired by bitcoin's pioneering distributed ledger consensus technology, speed and governance accessions from Dash such as SwiftX and a masternode networknd incentive coin protocol anonimity through POS (proof of stake). Unlike dashcoin you will need thousands of dashcoins to start a masternode that cost hundred thousand dollars. To start with EPM masternode you will just need 1000 EPMC for one masternode that cost for only 0.1 btc. EPM maximum supply is 80,000,000. Pre minning coins is 8,000,000 and maximum stake age is unlimited and it's really a good deal.

To get updated about EPM please follow their social media accounts here:

EPM Twitter Account
EPM Telegram Channel
EPM Facebook Account
Discord Channel

Coins with masternode is much better because you will get additional income everytime it's price goes up and you dont have to sell your coins, you can just run your masternode and keep your coins to make a lot of money. Hope this article helps you to know more about masternode. I will be posting more about EPM masternode soon and you are welcome to share your ideas and knowledge just leave your comments here. Thank you

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