Poetry: In Love, We Trust

in #steemitpoetry2 years ago

Yesterday, seeing a bright light fall through my window
Today, where those light replaced with rainy day
Its stuck my step
Blow my mind
Don't know what to do next time
But, suddenly there's something show up
Behind my front door
When I open it
That is you
With a thousand sweetest smile
As the sweet taste as my milky coffee
Dancing through my lips
When I pull that cup and kiss it

Hey there, sweety!
What you bring for me?
Did you brought something to light up mine!
"My words split"

Hey there, baby!
Here's my heart, it bleeded already
With the missing story for you daily
"You told me"

Then, you light up our little happiness
Through the bleeded heart I healed already
Being united is not the option
But it was a decision.

The heart has it own story, it soft
Can't broke while you have somthing called it "faith"
Because, in love we always trust each other.

And it will spread to every corner of life mystery
Not today, nor tomorrow will be
Still, if we trust in love.
We will conquer this story,
Beliefe me sweety.

In love, We Trust!


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