SteemitPhotoChallenge #49 Nature Macro II - Entry2: Lady beetle

Lady beetle (Epilachna varivestis), having the dominant orange color having 12 black spots, belongs to the family of occinellidae under the genus epilachna. Overgrown short hair that makes it does not have a shiny appearance.

Lady beetle is commonly found in Aceh's nature, photographs taken in Aceh Utara, Sumatra island. Similar species are also commonly found in Mexico and the eastern United States.


Lady beetle which is a notorious agricultural pest. It is one of the few North American lady beetles that feed on plants rather than other insects. It is found throughout Mexico and the eastern United States. source


Scientific classification

SpeciesE. varivestis source

Photos taken with the smartphone camera of Samsung Galaxy S7 and additional macro lenses

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This week the theme is:

Nature Macro II

The judge is @digitalis


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Beautiful golden background for your tiny lady model @vannour, Very appropriate. Upvoted.


Haha... thanks @lighteye


is it still on or there's a new theme?

The composition of the first picture is amazing!


@murray3 thanks

Which in mexico with in Sumatra would be different, to my knowledge that in sumatera black point as many as 12 black dots, but if in Mexico area as much as 11 black dots.


Are you an entomologist?


Not really, but that is according to the knowledge that the expert has examined, meanwhile from the reading I get.

Wow! I can't believe that's taken from a phone! Added lens or not! Great job


Technology is constantly evolving which forces us to believe. 🙂

Awesome colors :)))



Ware we follow



I'm still amazed with a macro qualities of smartphone photos @vannour. Very well done. Upvoted, resteemed & DPS.

Wow, it's geusong @vannour... in our garden


haha... tuan Thayeb @peradabandunia our called kumbang ikura :)


Wow very beautiful macro, lovely colors and bokeh!


Coincidentally lady beetle was perched on a yellow flower, making a harmonious blend of colors between beetle and flowers. @shieha thanks

Wow... very awesome picture, Have never seen anything like this...

Amazing macro!!!

Cool brother @vannour, high-quality images are very beautiful, whether using a cellular camera lens or macro lens?


Yea, i shoot with Samsung Galaxy S7 and additional macro lenses

Thank you for the information. The beetle in the north aceh is very much of its kind. The knowledge you provide is very useful for us



Really shooting your meutagoek that, making me determined to surpass you in the future ...


You have to race as jet fast

Thats a cute shot! well done!

Really beautiful macro and excellent background on this colorful creature.

Congrats on the contest !

congratulations but i like this one more then the winner ;) Well done :D