SteemitPhotoChallenge - Celebrations - Entry 1 - 'Classical Thai Dance'

Chinese New Year

This was a troupe dancing in a procession along w/ others walking under the yellow silk. The sun was blazing that afternoon at Lumpini Park. This was the first time this part of the celebration was held outside of Chinatown... there was still plenty going on in Chinatown.

The Chinese influence on Thai culture and life is profound. So called 'Thai Food' is a relatively new creation heavily influenced and based upon Chinese culinary roots. The variety of food offerings from all over Thailand were astonishing - North to South and East to West.


A6500 1/4000 f2 55mm

And now for a few snaps of the food I mentioned:

thaiTea_2017-01-28 13.57.02_thai_0419.jpg
(iced thai tea not coffee)

thaiParatha_2017-01-28 13.55.32_thai_0409.jpg

thaiVegPrep_2017-01-28 13.55.12_thai_0408.jpg

thaiShrimpNoodle_2017-01-28 13.54.58_thai_0407.jpg

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Nice! Splendid cultural representation of food and festive events!


Thank you... it's nice when autofocus/shutter release are fast enough to accomplish something. You and @myday take a lot of trips!


I love travel photos that has a cultural heritage @timelapse - We went to Phuket a while ago, but I think Bangkok offers more photo opportunities...

first shot is lovely. not that the food isn't good. with 55mm i think you had a chance to be close enough to get that.


Indeed, you are correct, I was maybe 1.5m from them... the zeiss 55mm never fails (cannot say that about any other lens I've ever had as far as speed/sharpness - no wonder it's a pricy devil). Thanks much @ace108


You are welcome. haha... good investment for you then.
And I must say, I never thought the Thai celebrated Chinese New Year in such a great way.
Maybe, worth planning a trip.