Steemit photo challenge Entry 2 SPC #37 - A better world

in steemitphotochallenge •  2 years ago

23_MAY_16_Hanna Lake.jpg

Flowing water, growing trees. The feminine is natural movement.
The cycle of life and the serenity and turmoil contained within.

This is one of my favourite pics of my wife during pregnancy and was taken at 6 months in.

[ a Steemit original ]

Olympus EM-1 | 12-40 2.8 | 1/400 sec. f/13 12 mm

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Nice photo and what a nice location!


Thank you very much @azfix
I am a little spoiled for nature. This is a 5 minute walk from home :)


Pretty awesome, is that your boat in the photo?


No, that one isn't. There are quite a few that are kept in this area. In Finland, most homes come with a numbered mooring point at a nearby lake. They keep their row boats there all year round and go out fishing after the ice melts.


That is so cool, you truly are a lucky guy being so close to such a nice place!

Very, very nice photo. Good luck in the challenge

wow. that is a wonderful picture!!!

This is a really magical image, very beautiful!
Did you blur in post? Wondering how you got that DoF @ 12mm.


Yes. I did it post. I was experimenting with a couple versions but liked this one the best as I really wanted the focus to be my lovely wife. I normally aim for as little processing as possible though of course, some is generally necessary for clean up.

Very beautiful photo :-)


Thank you very much @singa

Congratulations! Very nice photo.

Congratulations and great shot!

I knew this was a winner when I saw it, congrats