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Great perspective! And I like all the texture in this shot. Tip!

The grey really makes the color of the beetle pop, nicley done :D

pocketsend:3000@svamiva, thanks for your support to my art Svamiva !


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"I believe I can fly!"

But I'm afraid I wouldn't touch the sky...

Poor bug, looks lonely.

Adopt a bug!

very nice picture my friend

The winner is the little one

I like the abstract nature of this image @svamiva. If it wasn't for the semi-recognizable creature, the image would be more about texture and shapes. With the beetle it tells more of a story. 🦋

This little bug seems so lonely in his all stone surroundings.
Almost as if he is on another planet :)
He is brave though, being up so high and I hope he will make it down OK :)

Great Photo and have a nice weekend !

great shot!!

Congratz, your post has been read, approved and resteemed by a human 😊!


To jump or not to jump...that's the question 😉


I belive he can fly )

Is that a smile or a pensive look? 😉


I guess it's where are all my followers look)

Thank you so much for your continuous support :D :D

Thanks for sharing... Love it.