Georgian cuisine - Steemit Photo Challenge #44 Entry 2

in steemitphotochallenge •  2 years ago 

  I participate in the contest!  

Khachapuri in Adjarian

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I've had khachapuri in Greece with my Georgian friends and this brings back memories.

One of the best breakfasts I've ever had.


Yeah, Georgian cuisine is very tasty!

That looks delicious! Thanks for sharing...


This is only one of the recipes of khachapuri, there are a lot of them and all are delicious :)

Wow! YUM!!!!


This khachapuri is of medium size, and there is a size Titanic, it's very big :)


I imagine it would be!

I like it


Yes, we even cooked such a khachapuri at home, but it's more delicious in Georgia :)