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Here is my 3rd entry to the #steemitphotochallenge #48 for the theme Ocean.

Title: 'The Grand Blue
For my 3rd and final entry, I wanted to showcase the ocean in its pure raw form. Here is a shot taken from a boat in the middle of the Pacific ocean in Tonga, putting emphasis on the sheer grandness of the big blue where even a humpback whale is just another speck in the ocean. It makes me wonder how small we humans are.


Sony A7RII | FE 28mm F2 + 16mm Fisheye | Aquatech Housing |
1/1000sec f/7.1 ISO320

And lastly if I could, as this week's theme holds strongly in my heart, if you'd like to see more of these beauties of our ocean, please feel free to follow my #onebreathonephoto series.

Thank you @jamtaylor for running this awesome project and @berniesanders for sponsoring.

Looking forward to the next #steemitphotochallenge!

Have a great day! 😃

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I caught a sweet sense of humour in this photo. The existence of that tiny human being is just so darn cute.. makes me smile like an idiot for a little while
And gosh look at the water.. beautiful blue.. so real that I would feel it
Ocean game strong!


Im glad you noticed! It's so small that I was wondering if anyone sees it. And yes, exactly what I was aiming for, the Ocean in it's pure raw form. Thanks for visiting as always apple !

distant look with dolphins


I was tossing between uploading the whale or the dolphin for this last entry.
The next one I'll put up the dolphin :)

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