📷 SPC#41 - Theme: Landscape - (Entry 2)


In this second entry of the challenge I put an emblematic photo. In the photo we can see the natural and urban landscape in perfect harmony. I would say that is the perfect definition of urban landscape. The Capibaribe River, which is the main river from here where I live (Recife) being surrounded by the "Jungle of Rocks" (Buildings and more buildings). Although this image looks to anyone looking at one "plastic photo", that is, a photo full of editions and manipulation of images, I say that you are mistaken.

To compose this photo I used the camera function itself to HDR filter, I put the camera in A (aperture) mode in an aperture of 8.0, I set the white balance to the "Daylight" function and in the editing process I only adjusted A bit the brightness, contrast and sharpness. A 100% "pure" photo. It is a lesson for those who are starting in photography that in order to get a good shot you only need a good command of your camera and at least a basic technical knowledge of photography.

I very much count on the support, votes and your opinions on my photos. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

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All photos are signed in ©, are my own and taken with my camera Sony Alpha ILCE 3500.

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What an amazing scenery. You really captured this nicely. That reflection in the water is to die for!! All the buildings seem to be "glowing" a bit with white halos around them. To avoid that in the future, you can use editing platforms to achieve a more seamless HDR photo after taking 3 photos in camera, one to expose the foreground, and one the background, and one the sky. In Adobe Lightroom, there is an HDR function that merge your images together, or in Adobe Photoshop you can actually blend each image together to achieve that seamless HDR image. Just some feedback that might be helpful, but your work is awesome! Keep it up!


I'm glad to hear that you liked it and I'm grateful for the advice. I sometimes use the function of 3 exposures on the camera, but as I usually do not use a tripod, I'm afraid the camera shakes. I am not adept at advanced editions of photography, I only use the basics to be able to portray the truth of the photos, but some issues are necessary. Many thanks for your comment here. Welcome @sarahjanele :)


Yes, you are 100% right on! The 3 exposure function on the camera is the best thing to use, but without a tripod, it's nearly impossible. Thanks for sharing!

Very nice. Need to do more with HDR myself!


Hello @bart2305. In my photos I only use two filters: HDR and black/white. The HDR I use for landscapes, I believe it enhances the colors of the scenery. It's a great tool.

Lindo o seu trabalho! =)


Valeu amigo @manandezo, muito obrigado e bom final de semana.

Beautiful photos! Very Interesting. I followed you. Will you follow me.