Steemit Photo Challenge Emotive Human Portrait B&W 3 Entries: Sophie

These are from Sophie's second portrait session back in 2016! It took some convincing but she finally came a did a few sessions with us in our home studio! I'd say she did pretty well at portraying some emotion in her photographs!!

Huge thanks to @jamtaylor for doing this challenge everyweek!!!! The photography community here is growing everyday thanks to you and all the others doing photography related contests and challenges!!!






Beautiful model, well done

this what we called level on the peak. amazing concepts of black and white photography nice work

I really love the first one, it looks and feels surreal!

That would be the Sigma Art 50 @ f/1.4!!

Just perfect. The mood, the light, the model, the athmosphere. really fine black and white capture. Good graduations Congratulations to well done toning!

Some nice lighting.

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