📷 Steemit Photo Challenge #12 - THEME ANNOUNCEMENT - Guest Judge @violino


Special Prize Winner!

$250 USD B&H Photo Video Gift Card!

Congrats to @litrbooh for winning the Gift Card from B&H Photo Video. They have received their prize!

Look out for more prizes in the future!

The theme for SPC #11 will be

‘The Soul of the City’

Chosen by guest judge @violino

Read carefully:

Photographs of city life, in black & white. Portraits not accepted, meaning that the subject of the photo should not be the person’s face. If there are faces in the shots, they need to be minor OR somewhat obscured naturally (not with photoshop blurring etc)

NO street portraits.

There are a few examples here that meet these guidelines, so you can get an idea.

Remember: Black & White, no closeup portraits or images where the person’s face is the subject.

This is fine - Not this

Show us the soul of the city.

I want to get a feeling of life and the environment in the city, the real gritty city — not the tourist spots.

Guest Judge

Our Guest Judge for SPC#12 will be @violino
Take a look at her work on her page!


These are made possible by the support of the community, the majority of the post rewards go towards the winners, plus donations by @berniesanders the official sponsor of the Steemit Photo Challenge.

First Place — 150 Steem

Second Place — 100 Steem

Third Place — 50 Steem

Honourable Mentions — 10 Steem Each

Rules And Conditions

See a previous post for the rules, they haven't changed

By entering this competition you acknowledge that you own the rights to the photographs, and allow for me to re-post the image should it receive a winner or honourable mention position.

Consider hosting your images with Steemimg.com created by @blueorgy

It is the first dedicated Steemit Image hosting website, set up with tag categories for easy viewing of images, and is also a sponsor of the Steemit Photo Challenge. It's also really convenient for copying markdown for multiple images.

Suggest the next theme!

Let me know what you'd like to see from the next Steemit Photo Challenge.

If you'd like to be considered as a guest judge, let me know in the comments so I can check your work :)

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Use steemitphotochallenge as your first tag, as this helps with the filtering for @blueorgy's statistic gathering.


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No chance I'll be able to get to a city in time :(

Interesting theme. Tricky too with 3 days notice!

Nice, but I don't have a professional camera. Now I take my smartfone and go to the street ;)


I've been watching the earlier challenges, and it looks like many already have. :)

I was looking forward to the challenge. It is the first time I participate and I hope to contribute.


Looking forward to seeing your work, good luck!

Good luck to everybody !

This should be interesting, great idea. I'll wait for the entries and then results and enjoy the mastery. I won't go into city for the weekend, though :)

Good luck!

PS: reblogged.



I'm definitely IN it for this round. :-)

Anyone know how to take black and white on a Samsung S7? :( :(


Convert it to black and white on the computer :P


Ha ! The minute I posted that I thought how dumb that question was :) ...Thanks for the response and a gr8 comp.


An app named Lenka excels at B&W photography.


Thanks @dgiors ... I will check it out.

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The picture is great!

Its a great idea