Steemit Photo Challenge #34 (Entry No. 3 - Decisive is the right angle of view)

Everyone who has already photographed or at least already occupied with it, will find that the statement of an image has a lot to do with what angle of view on the motive of the photographer. Very often the images gain a meaningful effect by changing the position of the camera.


Photo by @HomeArtPictures
Nokon D7000 & 50-200 mm Nikor Lens

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Beautiful photo with great description!


thanks maya.... nice to see you here


thanks Olga 😀

Talk with picture, and you will get ten thousand words. Nice !


thanks my dear @silvia

The swivel view finder on my T6i is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. No more extreme contortion of my body whilst I try to balance the impossible while holding the camera steady.
I am of the opinion that the perspective a photographer chooses gives us a glimpse into the artist's mind while they work toward capturing the view that will awaken us to their desires. Very rarely do we find the perfect shot right infront of us.
Love the work!!!


Thank you for your kind words. @viktorcapulet I also think that the perspective of geography is the quality of an image

Beautiful picture dear friend @homeartpictures