"Photographers In Action", SteemitPhotochallenge #34: "Spied-On Spy"

Well, I guess I have to submit one picture that will make sense as I post three of them in a row to allow for one to follow where I am in the picture! The last one is my official entry now that we'll have the perspective of the two previous ones... ;) I hope you enjoy, keep your smile and have a wonderful day, namaste :)

While in Jasper last summer, I thought I'd bring my friend over to eat lunch near Mt. Edith Cavell...

After a very well deserved meal, I saw him handling his iPhone and thought to zoom onto him. I actually caught him trying to take a picture of me!

Here's the result of my spying on him!

(All photos taken with my usual Canon PowerShot SX60 HS)

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You are a prankster of a friend but you also have beautiful captures. So it's all good. What a AWEsome place to live!


I always appreciate your GIFs so much, their originality and their meaningful messages. you are such a positive and creative force among us. Thank you so very much! thanks a bunch for the kind words too. Namaste :)


It's just who I am... no extras. I love creative people. I get so much from them and you happened to be a giver! . . . but Thank you (((((eric-boucher))))

Cleverly Sneaky!


Thanks, in Quebec french we say "Ratoureux". I definitely deserved the name calling! ;) He laughed so hard when he realized I was actually taking a shot of him as he was about to do the same thinking I was only aiming at the mountains. Namaste :)


i thought he is capturing the view infrond of him-_- but he is just having a selfie -____- its a weird picture sir because if i am to that situation ill capture the view infront of me instead of capturing my face

Magnificent photos!


Wow, thanks a bunch for the kind words, I'm glad you appreciated them. Namaste :)

Nice shots, very creative-- I am promoting this


Wow, you are so very kind! This is such a kind gesture, greatly appreciated. Namaste :)

very clever and such vivid colors, nice @eric-boucher!


Thanks a bunch @natureofbeing, I'm glad you enjoyed too! Namaste :)

That place is absolutely beautiful. Breath-taking scenery!


Thanks a bunch for your kind words... Mount Edith Cavell is one of my favourite mountains in the Canadian Rockies and I'm glad you enjoyed it too. Namaste :)

These are beautiful - this scenery is outstanding. Is the guy a friend of yours?


Yeah, Sylvain is by the force of things, the one of the main hero of the stories shared on my "Summer of Love, Adventures and Photographic Journeying in the Rockies last summer, as per published here on Steemit.com He has loads of photos of me in location, but I mostly have the pictures of him, not of me, in these locations! Eventually we'll be able to exchange our photos and I'll end up with the pictures of me in the rockies as well! Too funny! Namaste :)