Steemit Photo Challenge #34 Photographers in Action Entry No. 1. ~ Alabama Shakes , Three Deep ~ Original Photography ~steemCreated with Sketch.


Brittany Howard doing her thing like no one else can.

Panasonic Lumix
50 mm
1/50s @ f5.7
ISO 3200

Self-Actualized ~ MultiColor 99 3/3 Award for Number of Followers

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Well done dear friend @ddschteinn

That is a great photo! And it says a lot that all three of you photographers focused on her through your cameras, rather than directly. Having her actual images blurred and the photographers in focus is the story -- with some impact! Really nice work that makes a statement, too! I hope you had a great time at the concert! I really like Alabama Shakes -- they are great in concert! :D


Thanks for the look and nice compliment. I really appreciate it. It did take a bit of wiggling about to get it all lined up, everyone dancing around to 'Hold on'...really pushed the limits of my camera on that one. I didn't know that person with the first cellphone, so I really had to move about to get that.
They are phenomenal in concert. She can really sing...don't see many people put in the effort of the song as much as Brittany. Thanks again.

Cool! Good luck for the challenge! :)


Thank you. I never expect to do much in the contest, but it is fun to enter and be a part.


You're welcome! Yeah! That's really great for you! :)