SteemitPhotoChallenge # 31 Entry 2 - Emotive Human - My 1st Wedding Dance

This is my happiest picture ever. This was taken at my wedding as I enjoy the first dance with my beautiful new wife.

I love how the black and white captures the moment perfectly.

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What a great picture. Both your smiles are lighting up the room.


thanks, everyone was having a great time

Very nice photo. Good luck in the challenge. Upvoted


thanks Gringa

This is really a good photo! I wish you all the luck to win the #steemitphotochallenge!


thanks so much !


Extraordinary picture, long looked at him. I like.

Look at you, first place - CONGRATS!!


wow, awesome, thanks for letting me know or I would have missed this

This was the winner from the moment i saw it! Excellent work @bkkshadow!!