📷 Steemit Photo Challenge #14 - 2 entries

Taken on Mount Graham, Arizona, about 2pm.

Taken on 10/22/16 at Riggs Lake on Mount Graham, Arizona, about 3pm. I had two that were about the same, but this one has the ripples of a trout sipping a recent hatch.

Canon G9X
Amateur, no touchup

Steemin' on,
Another Joe

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Nice shots @anotherjoe.

Will you be doing a post on Rambutan?

If so, I'll get you a video.

Oh, that's nice a fresh looking. Mine were kinda desiccated in comparison.
I do have a video for it already, but haven't started an article yet. Let me know how you'd like to proceed.

I'll get you a video too, and then you'll have it when you write the article.

It's a nice area. Though we're in the desert, the mountain is nearby. The first shot is about an hour away, the second two hours. I don't go up there often. Yesterday we saw a few deer up there, we saw a large hawk or eagle (as it flew away) and I saw a few trout in the lake. The mountain is kind of like an oasis at the confluence of the Sonora and Chihuahua Deserts.

Nice capture of beautiful nature. Thanks for upvoting my joke today. Upvoted this. Be Free.