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I've said it before - I don't believe all self voting is abuse but what you're doing is hiding under old posts and nested comments. If you want to self-vote get out and make posts and reply to commenters on your blog or reply to others blogs where the community can decide if your contribution to the community is valuable.

What if everyone decided to just self vote spam? Why would anyone want to invest in STEEM/SBD if becomes known as nothing but a place to spam and scam. In the short term you may see some return on your investment. In the long term your 5.8k STEEM would be worthless when everyone bails and the blockchain is bloated with spam.

There's lots of ways for investors to earn returns since delegations and vote selling has become available. I don't have time to read and upvote quality content. I grow my investment by selling my votes to smartsteems "whitelisted" users that produce original content. There are good projects always looking to rent SP. We're slowly getting the bid bot & vote bot owners on board to reduce the amount of bad content being upvoted.

Steem's unique characteristic is ► The Community!

I still like Steemit a lot.
I still like the opportunity to make money with creativity.
I still like helping others, building community and working on something.
I still am a content creator as well.

You haven't been involved in the community for months but then come back to spam & self-vote. Heck even a few months ago had you been involved you would have seen a return on your investment.

I don't know what has changed since you wrote that but what you are doing is not helping build a community but giving others examples of how to destroy it with spam and devalue STEEM/SBD if others follow your example.

I'm just at a loss as how, as an investor, you find this attractive? Why would you buy STEEM/SBD if this was allowed to run rampant? Where is the incentive to invest and increase the value of STEEM/SBD if everyone just fills their own pockets and we don't bring content creators and potential investors to the platform?

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Quote " If you want to self-vote get out and make posts and reply to commenters on your blog or reply to others blogs where the community can decide if your contribution to the community is valuable"

I do exactly this and you still downvote every selfvote from me per bot! Like this one.


You haven't said you would stop or find alternatives to get a return on your investment. You've basically said you'll do whatever you want to do. If you agree to stop I'll remove you.


i could focus on posts and comment them and then selfvote. you can lieve with that?


Sounds good. I've removed you for now. I'll check up on your account later.

Poor guy was just rewarding himself everytime he got the alphabets right.

sure i hid the selfvoting for 2 reasons. First a lot of people disagree with it or find it abusive and if i do it publicly it would be spam. My opinions is that an investment is a contribution by itself and selfvoting therefore is justified even without any further engagement. Thats a point which usually works in all markets, for example Startup companies or in stocks. Many, even quite intelligent people don't seem to understand that money equals in a way engagement. Imagine i pay someone 10$/hour to build up a blog here. That would be 700hours of work to build up something. Its just two different ways in my eyes.

But anyway, i like your idea to delegate steempower a lot. I unfortunately didnt had the time to continue my blog. So selfvoting seemed to be the easiest solution. I will look into smartsteem. I wasn't aware of that. It seems to be a very good solution for almost all selfvoters. So thanks for that, i also might find time to get back into engaging with the community.

About your last point:
I agree, Community is a major plus for steem/sbd . But its not at all black and white. You want the investors to bring money into the system. The more the better. You definitely want content creators and developers, otherwise i would agree with you, steemit would be nothing than a ponzi. I believe content creators who didnt bring money into steem lack understanding of the investors perspective aka #rewardpoolrape . Both need their fair share.


If you leave a relevant comment on someone's post and self vote you'll rarely get flagged for it though you'll get some flack if you don't upvote the post. Same goes for posts. Even if you just took a picture with your phone and posted it. It's original content and most won't bat an eye at it. Some will even upvote it.

There's a lot of different viewpoints on how to encourage investors that are not active in the community. While bid/vote bots brought their share of headaches along with the vote sellers - it has so far been the best solution.

I've removed you from mack-bot for now and will check back.

When you check out @smartsteem I encourage you to choose to upvote whitelisted accounts:


Thanks for removing the bot. If i will bring content again, it will be high quality. For now i delegated my steem to smartsteem in general, i might look into the specific user selection later. Well, thanks for the inspiration. All the best!:)


hey @patrice I was looking for info regarding @smartsteem, I started to use it, I like it although I have always thought if is ethical or not to invest or send your sbd for upvotes from people. When I started on steemit (not to long ago) one of the first things I did was to read this: The Complete Steemit Etiquette Guide (Revision 2.0) which was very helpful, later I concluded that most of the people dont check the FAQ page.

Anyways, I bump into this post for the challenge, but I see most of the conversation has nothing to do with it, still very interesting!

Keep up the good work! =)
Oh! and btw... I totally agree, self up-voting multiple times your comments is kind of selfish!