SteemitMamas Write Along Day 17: Share Street Photography

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Hi Mamas!

Welcome to Day 17 of our Write-Along. Today's Write-Along does not have so much to do with writing, it has more to do with sharing photography. As writers we tend to concentrate on making our words our craft, but the reality is that our images capture the attention of others.

There are many free stock image sites that we can use to help us with our posts, but it's fun to use our own pictures too. Today, we have an opportunity to practice working on our photography.

Use your best picture taking device to photograph a street and share it with us, bonus points if you can make the picture people-less. Remember to tell us a little bit about the picture.

The following picture was taken in San Francisco while riding the cable car.


Thank you for joining in on our write-along.

graphics compiled using canva. Image is original photography provided by @metzli


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