3 Sisters Method in a Raised Bed Garden?! Great idea... or flop?

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Good morning all!!

Just a quick post this morning... It's Monday, and you know what that means! It's clean-up-the-weekend-mess day!!


So, growing 3 sisters in a raised bed, (squash, corn, and beans), sounds like it could be a great idea.

In a traditional 'in ground' garden, it can be annoying, trying to walk among the tangled mess of plants. But in a raised bed, you can reach everything, right?

Well, here you go! I made a video about our 3 sisters bed, and how that has worked out for us. Take a peek if you want to find out!


How about it? Do any of you use the Three Sister Method of gardening, in or out of a raised bed? If so, how does that work out for you?

Thanks for stopping by! Have a blessed day!! ♥


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GREAT idea! it should be. thats what we would do whenever we had the greenhouse up

many people plant them 3 sisters on raised beds :D

Did you do it before then?
For me it isnt working super well. Ive found the corn is overshadowing the squash a little too much, and the beans have suffered a lot in our local heat wave... We will get some corn, beans and squash from it, but I think it would have been more fruitful if I had planted these veggies separately...

Thanks for stopping by! :D