That Tiny Little Voice that Believes You Can Do It

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It is common to hear words of encouragement from our mentor or our parents or our idols. As a matter of fact, once we hear their words of wisdom telling us that we should push through no matter how difficult things get, even when we are at thee brink of giving up, we are somehow compelled to do better. To show them that we are strong and that we can make it. And oftentimes we do make it. And that's a great and wonderful story.

A couple of times, I may have experienced that sort of push. My boxing instructor yelling at me to punch harder like I am angry or something. Or my Aeroboxing dance instuctor systematically shouting "One more set!" Or my guitar lessons tutor torturing my fingers whenever I forget the asic finger placements. And such and such. There's one thing common in all of them. My mindset is either I want to be like them at the end of all of those trainings, or be better than them.

Today, I encountered a different level of persuasion and encouragement. As usual, I am going through my daily workout routine. Today was a tad different because the routine was different and is a whole new level of insane. I've been doing this for almost two months now and all the while my daughter is either busy with her painting, or exercising alongside with me (she now knows some basic stretching routines) or just watching me, patiently waiting til I'm done and ready to play with her again.

There was one routine in the program that I just couldn't manage to do. And in the middle of the routine, I blurted out, Oh my God, this is too difficult. I can't do this. All of a sudden, I heard her saying You can do it, Nanay. You can do it!" I wasn't aware she was listening to me. Which reminded me that we should always be conscious of what we say or do around children. You'll never know what they'll hear from you.

Her words of encouragement, though spoken with her tiny, cute, little voice, sent a huge impact to me. I know I also tell her the same words when she thinks she can't reach the book from the shelf, or if she thinks she can't write a straight line on her activity workbook, or if she can't remember the right number when I ask her. I was just surprised to hear that very same encouragment from her at the right moment when I needed it.

It had a very different impact to me. When I heard it from her, I wanted to be a good example for her. To show her that I will be tough to get going even when the going gets tough. And amazingly, even when I thought I couldn't do it, I was able to complete the routine. And when I finished the workout, she said You're welcome, Nanay!

Today's workout experience was supposed to be difficult but because of my daughter's encouragement, it became a lot bearable and easier to finish. She isn't my instructor, she just made her role in my life a lot more obvious. She's my inspiration. And the reason I want to make a better version of myself. Funny how kids can be so innocent yet so powerful in giving us the power and the push we need when we need the boost. And when they do give you that push coming from that tiny little voice that believes in you, I would strongly suggest you follow it unless you want to deal with a tantrum afterwards.

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That's a nice story @romeskie.

My son @zaclucas is over 2 years old now and I love seeing him grow, talk and learn too.

I also like hearing about stories from other people with their children 🙂

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Funny how kids surprise us with the things they learn, right? My daughter is in her terrific three's. :)

  ·  last month (edited)

Nice ☺️

And yes, Zac surprises me all the time 😊

I don't know if this happens to anyone here but there is also a tiny voice telling me to do things latee, hence I end up procrastinating.

Haha. That happens to me to. That voice that talks to me that way actually has a name. NETFLIX. Haha. Sometimes I don't listen to it. Most of the time,I don't even wait for it to talk. I'm already netflixing my time. Haha

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Will try to do so on my next posts. Sometimes I just can't find any photos in my gallery that matches the topic I wrote about. Buti will come up with a cover photo or something in the future. Thanks. :)

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